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Maybe Herbstreit doesn’t hate TCU?

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Smellslikeroses, Jan 8, 2019.

  1. New article in The Athletic about Herbstreit’s kids:
    What made this the most rewarding season of Kirk Herbstreit’s broadcast career

    “The family took visits to USC and TCU and was impressed. But after taking an unofficial visit for Clemson’s win against N.C. State, they knew they wanted to be Tigers. And their dad was thrilled.”

    Surprised TCU was on that list... and no tOSU.
  2. There is a reason they came to TCU for the Ohio State game. TCU treats that crew really well
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  3. Every school thinks Herbie’s biased against them, OSU most of all. They just happen to be really wrong.
  4. How well are we talking about...eh eh eh?
  5. I think he always says good things about us, so long as they're true. No one is better at he does than him, imo.
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  6. He’s thrilled the college account won’t be hit as hard...
  7. I walked next to him for a few steps as he was going into the press box at the Rose Bowl. I asked him if we had a chance, expecting him to be a jerk, but he was very respectful and said absolutely.
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  8. We were favored.
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  9. You don't think other schools figured out that might be a good idea, too?
  10. Didn't Corso pick Wisconsin?
  11. Why would you expect him to be a jerk?
  12. Well, he is from Ohio and went to OSU. So the odds...
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  13. It was a good article and Herbie thinks highly of Patterson. His boys will be walk-ons wherever they go, and his main goal was to send them somewhere with a family environment that prepares them for life. Says a lot that TCU was one of the schools they were looking into.,
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  14. I believe his mother lives or was from Fort Worth.
  15. How ever he may have been nice in personal encounters, I still recall his anguish in 2015 after the blowout over UT...stating several times that such a fate should never happen to UT, instead of considering the talent TCU had to pull off such an "upset"....
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  16. LOL. You really think he was "anguished" over that blowout win or just surprised at what he saw? Personally, I was amazed at how bad Texas was from about 2014-2016, and it is ridiculous for a program of that stature to sink to that level of suckness. They were at times completely and totally inept, and it wasn't just when they played us. The story of the day was as much how bad Texas was as it was how good we were, and that's probably fair. Because their team basically quit that day.
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  17. We beat them 50-7 and it could’ve been way worse if we hadn’t called off the dogs.

    He’s right, no team should ever beat UT that bad (i.e. UT has too many resources and history to ever allow themselves to get beat that badly by anyone). We beat them like we were playing our FCS opener.
  18. Right. We beat Texas worse than we beat SMU. That shouldn't happen.
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  19. Maybe, but here are a couple of quotes. I feel he respects Patterson and the program considering TCU was on the short list.
    "Herbstreit’s job affords him an opportunity to peek behind the curtain of college football programs. He knows which coaches he’d happily send his kids to play for, but he wasn’t going to interfere"
    "“Clemson is just a little different,” Herbstreit said. “The culture there, I think they genuinely care about the player and the person. I don’t think it’s just about production and what are you doing. It’s about developing. It’s real. If I smelled it was phony — and I’m pretty good at that — I wouldn’t be real comfortable sending my kids there."
  20. [​IMG]

    2min highlights NSFW:

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