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Many of you don't want to hear this but OLine and DLine have extremely BRIGHT FUTURES !!

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by WyomingFrog, Oct 25, 2020.

  1. Not good future this year at all, but future years have an EXTREMELY BRIGHT outlook for OLine and DLIne !!

    Gonna have to suffer this year though. Lets examine:


    Current Oline

    OT STORMENT (sr) - F
    (no potential he is a senior)

    OG WHITE (jr) - F
    (very little potential as a jr and he has been demoted to 3rd string)

    C AVILA (so) - F
    (not much potential and has been demoted from starter to 2nd string)

    OG HARRIS (jr) - F
    (injured again as a junior and was not doing well anyway)

    OG COKER (fr) - C
    (having a tough year but he gets a C because he as a freshman he is hanging in there and the potential for him is very very high in following years)

    Future OLine

    OT COKER (fr) - A
    (I expect him to be an All Conf OT by his junior yr - very high ceiling and he will be a 4 yr starter)
    (this guy has really exciting untapped potential - could be a superstar if Coaches develop him)

    OG NICHOLS (fr) - B
    (this guy was the steal of the last class - he is going to be extremely good)
    (not superstar potential like the rest but will be a quality backup)

    C Hayes (fr) - A
    (I think he transitions to C at some point soon - Avila and Mcmillan are waaay subpar - whatever position he plays he will be All Conf by his junior year - he is extremely aggressive and is wowing coaches in practice)

    OG A/BARLOW (fr) - B
    Great size but he needs to lose 25 lbs to be an effective OG at the college level - he will get there and be great)
    BACKUP OG LANZ (so) - C
    (gonna be a really good quality backup)

    OT B/COLEMAN (so) - A
    (this guy is going to be really really good - he is getting a lot of experience this year and since this yr doesn't count this yr is the same as his freshman yr)
    (he has been doing well in practices = not quite good enough to start but he is only a freshman so his potential is very high for future)


    This is an ALL CONFERENCE OLine.
  2. Dude..... somebody broke WyomingFrog .
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    This yrs DLINE and value to team

    DE MATHIS (so) - C
    (he isn't tearing it up now but this guy is coming along - he will get there)

    DT COOPER (jr) - C
    (Good serviceable DT but undersized - no higher ceiling than C for future yrs)

    DT BETHLEY (sr) - C
    (not having a great year but he is double teamed every play)

    DE WORKMAN (sr) - F

    Future year DLINE potential

    DE MATHIS (so) - B
    (he still has huge potential if Coaches can get him going)
    (this 2021 recruit has off the charts potential and is going to be a beast DE)

    DT JENKINS (fr) - A
    (just enormous off the charts potential for this guy)
    BACKUP MISI (so) - B
    (this guy is really coming along nicely ! Will be a really great quality backup to JERKINS when JERKINS takes over as starter)

    DT SORRELLS (fr) - A+
    (even more enormous off the charts potential for this guy who was even more highly recruited than JENKINS !)
    (haven't heard much from him as yet but coaches excited about him and his great athleticism - has tremendous potential at DT)

    DE ELLISON (so) - B
    (not sure where he is this year I assume he is injured but his potential is really huge if Coaches can get him on the field)
    DE HORTON (jr) - C
    (good potential but as junior he has to be ready to go quickly and can't take a year to try to develop)
    DE MURRAY (fr) - C
    (not a big fan of this new recruit - Im looking for a guy at the strong side that is a little meaner and bigger)

    still need a big mean Strong Side DE and another big very highly recruited DT and this future DLine is good to go and has the real potential to be the best DLINE in the league !
  4. How are you grading players who have never played and you think Misi is going to be a player, I don’t see it and have not seen anything there. Think you need to rest.
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  5. Where in blazes have you been Sleepy ?
    MISI has played quite a bit actually and was singled out by Coaches in Fall camp as one of the most improved players at his position.

    You gotta wake up and put your panties on Tootsie. This is a big boy board. Take your skirt off and put some pants on.


    ( holy crap there are some stupid posters on this board ! Geeez )

  6. I agree there is quite a bit of potential there on both sides of the ball. I am just not sure if the current coaching staff can tap it.
  7. Although I still think Why-ohming frog needs to quit meth, he’s basically agreeing to my other thread about being one year away.
    So: Bravo!
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  8. I know Misi has played, a lot. I have yet to see him make any winning plays which makes me wonder why he is out there when we have a few highly recruited DTs behind him. Not sure why we have not seen #44 either, he played a lot last year and was decent at DE.
  9. Where is # 44 ?

    44 was starting DE last year and did well for a frosh.

    Can we put out an APB for Missing Persons ? While we have a long line of incompetence at DE and a parade of scrubs playing DE this year and accomplishing absolutely nothing...........Where the cowpie did he go for cryin out loud ?? !!!!
  10. if jenkins and sorrells are truly better than players who are starting and getting game time right now it is yet another indictment of this defensive staff

    OR wyoming frog has got to stop buying the cheap chemicals when he makes his own meth
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  11. You gotta learn to read better Mr Ate !! You do understand reading comprehension right ?

    Let me repeat for the dense........

    JENKINS and SORRELS have an enormous ceiling (potential) as 4 star highly recruited freshmen.

    They aren't better (yet) than COOPER or BETHLEY but COOPER is average and as a junior his upside is very low. BETHLEY is having a subpar year and is a senior so his upside is zero.

    GRADES and POTENTIAL thus far for TCU DTs (on a A, B, C, D, F grade scale)

    COOPER (jr)
    Grade this year so far - C
    Future potential - C

    BETHLEY (sr)
    Grade this year so far - C (having subpar year)
    Future potential - F (he is senior)

    MISI (so)
    Grade this year so far - C (average backup doing no worse than 2 guys above)
    Future potential - B (as a soph he is doing as well as the 2 starters)

    JENKINS (fr)
    Grade so far this year - INCOMPLETE (won't play this yr except garbage time)
    Future potential - A (2nd highest ranked DT ever recruited to TCU)

    SORRELLS (fr)
    Grade so far this year - INCOMPLETE (won't play this yr except garbage time)
    Future potential - A+ (highest ranked DT ever recruited to TCU)

    BARQUET (fr)
    Grade so far this year - INCOMPLETE (won't play this yr except garbage time)
    Future potential - B (extremely athletic DT that staff really excited about)
  12. Well Scooter, any suggestions on how to rid the board of you?
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  13. In all of college, is there not a OL or DL coach that wants to come to TCU?

    Why have we not picked up an OL or DL coach after Thomsen left or to help Sharp? Am I taking crazy pills or is Gary just being stubborn?
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  14. Wyoming Frog is whatever will get on nerves of the TCU fanbase.

    TCU fans love the team Wyoming Frog says no future for TCU, TCU will be in the abyss of the Big 12 for years ahead.

    TCU fans are troubled with the team Wyoming Frog says the exact opposite. The future is bright TCU will be one of the best teams in the Big 12 especially in the weakest spot of concern.

    This person is such a troll. This post isn't going to stop her.
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  15. "Many of you don't want to hear this but OLine and DLine have extremely BRIGHT FUTURES !!"

    I'd prefer that we see it, rather then hear it.
  16. I think when you return a crappy OL, you still have a crappy OL. Especially when the coaching is the same. Our guys look like overweight kids playing against mature athletes.
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  17. Good insight Wyoming. Only thing i would add is K. Coleman at end. He has shown a great motor.
  18. if the three players playing in front of jenkins barquet, and sorrells are average at best according to your rating system then why would you not play the younger players with the higher ceilings and start the learning process?
  19. I believe I saw Ellison in on a special teams play against OU on Saturday, unless it was a walkon, Ben Reppenhagen, with the same number (44)..

    Actually, Wyoming's claims may prove to have some validity. This season may be similar to 2013 where we had an underperforming sophomore qb and other underperforming underclassmen who came to play in 2014. We have some big talent in the OL/DL, who are new to campus and take time to develop as opposed to skill players. I feel the future could (not necessarily will) be bright. If there's not a turnaround by end of 2022, it's time for a big change.
  20. You weren't supposed to notice that.

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