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Looking forward to tomorrow night's game

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Limp Lizard, Jan 12, 2020.

  1. Maybe the first time. Not a fan of Clemson or LSU, but not a hater, either. But Burrows has won me over. Every time he plays he wows me. He makes playing QB look so easy, which of course it isn't.

    Clemson may have the best chance against them, plus I am so, so glad tOSU is not in the game.

    Hey I love college football, especially one like this. With the NFL it is the Cowboys, or a team that has TCU players starting. Otherwise boring. Football basically ends for me tomorrow night this year.
  2. Hell I forgot it was on.
    Not sure why they waited over 2 weeks to play this game.
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  3. I think those two safeties for Clemson are going to get exposed by LSUs four future NFL WRs/TE

    But Clemson is tough and know how to win.

    Can’t wait
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  4. I’ll watch but it’s not a game I would say I’m excited about. I actually found myself more interested in the FCS game yesterday than this one. Something about the same power teams in this overhyped 2 week off Super Bowl type format doesn’t do it for me.
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  5. I feel the same way and I've kinda adopted LSU this year because of the storyline and our season again. Just needed to watch college ball and of course the Joe Brady story and by the way, he comes to LSU from the Saints making $200K and LSU pays him $400K and now Rhule wants him to be Offensive OC - kinda like a fairy tale.

    As we know Clemson has not lost a game in 2 years and they always have a very good defensive line - it's going to be a great venue for each school and to think we went into Death Valley and we beat them and Dabo. They took off after that and seemed to have lapped us a couple of times.
  6. I’ll be curious moving forward to see how much of LSU’s offense was Brady and how much was Burrow and the absurd WR talent.
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  7. Absolute absurd WR talent. I remember that OC they brought in a few years ago got a bunch of praise and accolades. Turns out they had a NFL backup QB (Mettenberger) and two NFL pro bowl WRs (OBJ and Landry). Not to mention Hill or whatever who was an NFL RB
  8. “I’m so, so glad tOSU is not in the game”...or Alabama!
    Spit Blood ~~<~<and scheiss baylor!!
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  9. I think LSU is about to throw a ton of money at Brady to keep him - just to find out next year it was Burrow and the WRs not Brady that made this year happen

    We see it all the time - coaches get too much credit to begin with and now it’s trendy to go all in on someone after 5 mins of success when even “proven” coaches are only 50/50 on their ability to bring it to a new place
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  10. Where they have truly lapped us a couple (or more) times is recruiting. We get 3 to 5 4*s a year, they get about as many 5*, and double digit 4* (yes in 2018 and earlier not so...in 2018 only 7 4*s, but 5 5*s, IIRC. But the last couple of years have been great. It's a lot easier to turn a 5*/4* into draftable talent than a 3*. We do it, but it takes time and results in questionable depth.
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  11. Very excited. Hoping for a close game
  12. I can't understand how a sports fan, much less a college football fan, wouldn't be looking forward to this game.
  13. Yah that’s the big thing for me, as much as I love football, if it gets lopsided early I’ll lose interest pretty quickly.
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  14. In this game lopsided needs to be really lopsided, because I think both teams have the ability and firepower to overcome a pretty good deficit. I highly doubt it’s a bad game from that standpoint.
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  15. Because the CFP has already become boring and predictable

    almost everyone could have written down 3 of the 4 finalists before the season started

    And when having LSU in and Alabama out is considered a shake up - there is something wrong in the process
  16. I don't know if one week vs two would make too much of a difference, but one thing I know people kind of forget about when talking playoff expansion and what not is the travel demands these games put on fan bases. The NFL plays every game in home stadiums except the Super Bowl, which is basically like a national holiday/social event that is as much about the non-football stuff as it is the game.

    It's just a different dynamic in college football, you've got very loyal fan bases but so much fewer numbers. Take TCUs fan base for instance and imagine if we went to an 8-team playoff (hell, imagine if we made it to the Championship game in the current format), how could we possibly draw that many fans for 2 or 3 of these extra games that cost a boatload to attend?

    Back to the original point, that extra week probably helps those schools fans arrange for how to get to the games. It's not that easy to just plan another big trip on a weeks notice.
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  17. I agree that who was going to win a national championship was less predictable before the CFP was created. And guess what, it will be even more predictable if the playoff expands further. That's mostly why I'm against it.
  18. Watching the coaches will probably be a lot better than the game. Game will be on the tv with sound down, and CGP on the iPad with sound turned up.
  19. Maybe - but regardless the CFP has become predictable and boring - thus I could not care less about the game or the result even though I am a huge TCU football fan and prefer college over pro ball almost every time - which was in response to the statement you made earlier
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  20. uhh sort of. It’s more to do with Alabama completely locking in their year in year out standing and Clemson becoming the same level as Alabama. Basically guaranteed those two teams every year. Then Ohio State has become a close 3rd powerhouse and Georgia is knocking on the door. Riley has solidified OU (at least as the big dog in Big 12).

    Eight years ago Alabama was awesome but everyone else changed year by year.
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