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Listenbee Lawsuit Update 3/19/2018

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Froglaw, Mar 19, 2018.

  1. My Maserati does 185.
  2. Me too! 3.5L Ecoboost with a tuner. Love it!
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  3. I work for the FAA. I know several that have done this. They lived after hitting the ground, though.
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  4. I grew up in the southwest side of FW. Candlewood East, to be specific. I wouldn't live there now, though.
  5. Yeah, but did you wreck it? You're not a real man until you wreck it at that speed. :)
  6. I lost my license. Now I don’t drive.
  7. The Wedgewood Baptist Church murderer passed me on Bryant Irvin before he killed those poor people. I almost got into a traffic altercation with him. If I had, I might be dead and they might be alive.
  8. How do you know that? Not disputing, just curious how you found out. I was a member at Wedgwood BC from my last 2 years at TCU until a few years ago. I have several really good friends who were there when it happened. Such a horrible situation.
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  9. I’m really curious how I’ve never heard about this before
  10. The shooting? It was huge national news for a week. Happened a year after Columbine. It was my freshman year at TCU. See You at the Pole was that morning and the church was hosting a Saw You at the Pole event that evening and the dude came in firing rounds everywhere. Tragic situation. There is a memorial at the south entrance of the church.
  11. I was in elementary school at Westcliff then but still surprised I don’t remember it at all. Remember Columbine like it was yesterday
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  12. I was at my youth group in a church not far away. We were rounded up and the place was on lockdown.
  13. I saw him weaving through cars behind me. He tailgated me. Instead of doing something stupid like brake checking him, I moved over and let him pass. I went to my girlfriends house and then saw the report on the news. They showed his piece of crap car being towed from the scene and I recognized his face on the news. We have friends that went there as well.

    Several people at my church started wearing guns to service after that.
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  14. The wake if you will for that tragic event was at Amon Carter Stadium. I was in attendance. There was a really nice girl from TCU named Kim Jones who was a TCU student and was volunteering there at the church that night and was killed by that guy you speak of. George W. Bush was our governor at the time and came and gave the eulogy at The Carter.
  15. My wife was an older classmate and friend of Justin Stegner at Southwest. They were in Media Tech together, he was the hs camera man killed. He has a memorial at SHS.
  16. Do you have a Limo?
  17. Actually, they both happened in 1999. April 20th was Columbine and September 15th was Wedgwood.

    That was also the year I graduated and got married.
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  19. True. My brain separates them by a year bc I was in high school when Columbine happened and college for the Wedgwood shooting.
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  20. Life's been good to me so far....
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