Laredo Morning Times: Perez commits to pitch for perennial DI title contender TCU

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    Laredo Morning Times: Perez commits to perennial DI title contender TCU

    By Jason Mack, Laredo Morning Times

    After one more season of helping the Bulldogs contend for titles, Alexander senior Marcelo Perez will be doing the same for the Horned Frogs at the Division I level after signing his letter of intent to pitch for TCU next season.

    “I feel very excited,” Perez said. “I’m pretty fired up to go play at the DI level and represent the school and represent Laredo.”

    “It is history in the making for him signing to a DI school that challenges for a national championship every year,” Alexander head coach Fernando Lemus said. “The opportunities are there and I know he is going to take advantage of them.”

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  2. 90% scholarship is pretty rare I’d imagine... but his HS numbers seem pretty pedestrian for a D1 recruit

    Anyone have the scoop on this kid?
  3. Undersized kid so likely not someone you have to worry about the draft with unless he signs relatively cheap. 88-92 with solid secondary and a pretty good idea what he’s doing. Think he helps us.
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  4. Maybe it's a combo athletic and needs based scholarship or even an academic scholarship.
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  5. Plenty of good baseball played in the Lower and Upper Valley.

    Who was the last player TCU signed from that part of the State?
  6. Who else did we sign?

    Schloss seems to keep those pretty quiet for some reason
  7. Been a while that I can remember. Freddie Benavides definitely the best we’ve ever signed out of there but that was like 1985 when he signed. Beto Garza Gongora in 1989 is the last from Laredo to the best of my knowledge. Think we had a Victoria kid a while back but name escapes me.
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  8. Mark Silva was from Laredo. So was Ricky de la Fuente but he transferred out after a semester.
  9. Eric Macha was from Victoria.
  10. That makes more sense

  11. 2017 National Showcase Jun 16, 2017

    PG Grade: 10

    Marcelo Perez is a 2018 RHP/2B/OF with a 5-11 160 lb. frame from Laredo, TX who attends John B Alexander HS. Medium athletic build with square shoulders and room to get stronger. Lands closed in his delivery, spins off his front side, will need to improve direction to release, has a very fast and loose arm, tight 3/4's arm slot. Fastball up to 93 mph, mostly arm side due to his mechanics, gets some running life at times. Short breaking slider acts as a change of pace. Very good athlete and will have a chance if he can make the adjustments. Good student, verbal commitment to Texas Christian.
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  12. I feel like I pay attention and I’ve literally never heard of either of these guys. What year(s)?
  13. As a general rule you should ignore EVERY evaluation/write-up done by Perfect Game.
  14. Silva was starting catcher for much of 97-99. Ricky de la Fuente was more of a joke so you would have no reason to have heard of him. Macha was class of '01 or '02 and played a little pro ball after, IIRC.
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  15. At what point are they "undersized" for draft purposes???
  16. I remember Macha but I can't remember Silva either...
  17. I remember Macha.
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    There are exceptions to the rule, but WAY more often than not MLB teams aren’t gonna use a pick in the top few rounds on a sub 6’1 RHP unless he’s strongly built or throwing 96. Ideally a kid is at least 6’3 185 (my opinion). Similar to what the NFL does with QBs.
  19. But not quite as far as Gunner goes for college QBs.
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