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Kickoff Returns- To Fair Catch or Return

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by tcumaniac, Oct 30, 2019.

  1. This is reaching the level of stupidity that defies belief.
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  2. It is truly an unbelievable failure of coaching that we continue to do this [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]. How many drives do we start on the 5 before we cut this [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] out???
  3. Please for the love of God you media types ask at the next news conference [ What the heck? ] they continue to try to run back the kickoffs and give up tons of field position.
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  4. I just looked and TCU ranks #63 in the country in kickoff returns of greater than 30 yards, and we have none beyond 50 yards. I’d be willing to bet we have more returns than virtually anyone

    Hire a scheissing stats nerd
  5. Worth pointing out, seemed like LSU and Bama both fair caught the kick off the majority of the time...
  6. Like most things there are no absolutes. If I have a Turpin back there I tell him to stand on the five yard line and return anything that he doesn't have to back pedal to catch. Also it is situational. If say the other team is kicking off because they just took a two score lead with 3 minutes to go, I might be more inclined to take the chance on getting a big return.
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  7. And those 3 would pistol whip us......
  8. I hate the new rule. It may be smarter to fair catch, but I’m glad our players have balls and don’t.
  9. Yesterday was a prime example why we should fair catch. We keep starting in a hole. One time it was from the 5 yd. line Our offense needs all the help it can get, but backing it up on the kickoffs is insanity.
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  10. The offense's current status is a major consideration to returning kickoffs. Not needed when you can move the ball at will, but when you can't, it's a competed screen completion in space.

    Absolutely agree it's better statistically to fair catch, and for the 2009, 2010, and 2013 teams would make perfect sense. It's a decision now from a point of offensive weakness and makes sense as well.

    When it makes no difference from a td-scoring perspective whether you start at the 10 or the 25, makes sense to take a chance.
  11. What we’re seeing out there this year really makes you appreciate how good Turpin was. That guy could flip the field at any time and had a knack for making huge plays when we really needed them.
  12. I'd like to see the kicking tee outlawed. Just lay the ball on the ground and kick it. Would make it so much more interesting...
  13. Balls are different than brains.
  14. The pessimist's view of the same point might be that when your offense is this bad you take free yards every time they're offered, and the situational difference of starting on your own ten vs. your own twenty-five could be very significant come time for your almost inevitable punt.

    [Also, I think your mean 2014: our offense in 2013 was, well, this bad.]
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  15. Yeah, but when’s the last time 80,000 people showed up to watch a kid do a damn chemistry experiment?

  16. I gather that this question was actually asked. Not sure about the answer.
  17. No Turp.
  18. Fair enough but you could say that judging by those rankings, that might be one area where a few solid teams that do most things really good are lousy at one statistical category. We seem to do a lot of things poorly. A trend in that regard maybe.
  19. Good point and kind of more in line with win by 1 / don't lose by a lot. 2014 correct; I'm getting old.

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