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Kickoff Returns- To Fair Catch or Return

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by tcumaniac, Oct 30, 2019.

  1. To me, one of the most frustrating things about our team all season is how often we choose to return vs taking the guaranteed start at the 25 yard line.

    Gary's mindset is clearly that the upside of a big return is worth the risk of not getting it to the 25, which I would agree with in theory (especially with the explosive and fast players we have), but in application it has been absolutely atrocious.

    We rank 125th (nearly dead last) in kickoff return average at 15.26 yards per return. If our returner isn't getting stuffed before the 25 yard line, it almost seems inevitable that the return gets called back for holding or blocking in the back.

    Not to mention, there's the added risk of injury or turning the ball over. Darius Anderson missed the entire opening drive against Iowa State due to a cut he suffered on the game's first return. And without a massive stop by the defense and an improbable missed field goal by UT's kicker, Reagor's fumble on Saturday could have cost us the game.

    I can't find a statistic to defend this (would love if someone can find anything), but I would have to guess when we've returned the kickoff this year, we get the ball past the 25 yard line less than 15% of the time. It just feels like it very rarely happens.

    I'm not sure why our returns have been so bad this year (maybe it's because we don't have an actual special teams coach), but we're simply not very good at them. In past years you at least got the feeling that we were one block or missed tackle away from busting out with a big return, but this year it seems like we are getting stuffed almost every time.

    At this point we just need to accept that we're not good at returning, eliminate the risk, and just take the ball at the 25 yard line every time.
  2. A good Special Team's Coach could probably figure out which is best. Personally, I would say call for the fair catch, or whatever and take the ball on the 25 unless the kick is way short because of the wind or penalty on the other side. Too many penalties occur as well as injuries to always run the ball out.
  3. Notable teams with kickoff return averages near TCU's 15.26:
    #8 Georgia - 14.0
    #9 Utah - 14.17
    #10 Oklahoma - 16.2

    I am not really sure this is an issue worth discussing.
  4. I wouldn't say it's going well but is there a chance that the extra touches are a bargaining chip with Reagor? If anything he is hurting his draft stock with his special teams play this year. But he can break a TD from anywhere on the field.

    I think the fair catch vs return should be situational. We haven't played with a lead much but since GP is traditionally super conservative you'd think we do nothing but fair catch.
  5. You should fair catch it every single time.

    My thought is that we don't have a lot of confidence in the offense and it's a guaranteed way to get Reagor or Anderson the ball in space. Hoping with the offensive improvements that we start taking the guaranteed 25.
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  6. I think it depends. I'd never bring it out of the end zone, but if it's being kicked to the 10 or 5 yard line, I don't think a fair catch is the percentage play. All depends on game situation though and how dangerous your returner is.

    I guarantee if we are playing a team with a really dangerous KR back there, I'm hoping they fair catch it. Using that logic, I'd hope we wouldn't.
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  7. I know the kid from tx started signaling for a fair catch as soon as it was in the air! He wanted no part of a return.
  8. Me no likey the fair catch on kickoffs.
    Maybe fine for puntos.
    Back to my Chinese laundry.
  9. 1/2 the time there's a penalty which negates the play anyways. If I was calling the shots I'd tell the returner that if your feet are inside the 10, it's a fair catch.
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  10. 100% agree
  11. How about an onside kick-- can the receiving team call for a fair catch?
  12. Yes. You can always call for a fair catch. Once the football touches the ground it's live though, just like it always has been. This is nothing new. So for an onside kick the kicker usually kicks it straight into the ground, thus the ball is immediately "live" and anybody can obtain the ball. But if the kicker tries to kick it super short between receiving team players and a receiving team member calls for a fair catch then they can catch the ball and get it at the spot.

    Basic stuff
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  13. You should go back and watch the TX-OU game from this year and you will understand why.
  14. Kick it through the end zone every time

    Fair catch every time unless you have a guy like Turpin, Kerley, McCoy or Reagor
  15. Inside the 10 should be a fair catch unless the coaches see something easy to exploit in the kickoff coverage. Outside the 10 might as well give it a shot. Kicks in the end zone should never be returned.
  16. We only put Reagor back there once a game. Usually it’s Jet and Sewo. I think Davis did it once or was that a punt?
  17. With the rule changes how would this have affected Kerley and Rodgers careers?
  18. Bump. Our coaches are scheissing morons.
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  19. So, you're saying we have a chance?
  20. You're right maniac, and you have made a great point in this thread.

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