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Kenrich Williams having a solid game

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Atom, Jan 29, 2019.

  1. At Houston with 8 pts, 16 reb with about a minute left .
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  2. Such a great story
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  3. Going to end up having himself an NBA career
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  4. I miss that guy. One of my all time favorites.
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  5. Looks like he missed 2 free throws with 20 seconds left in a close game. Could have had a double double.
  6. Yep. A little nervous I imagine in his first significant minutes
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  7. Anything approaching 20 boards is outstanding in the NBA. Congrats!
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  8. Had more rebounds today (16) than he had his entire nba career (15). Give the kid some playing time!
  9. Yah 16 rebounds is salty. Nice work KW.
  10. I got ridiculed by many here for suggesting he could carve out a niche for himself in the league as a rebounder in the same way Rodman, Ben Wallace, and a few others have. He's not done that yet, but he's now shown the ability to go get the ball off the glass at a high rate. That's a big value in the NBA. He keeps that up and he'll play for as long as he wants to.
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  11. Very happy for Kenrich! Glad he finally got some minutes to show what he can do! Hopefully this is just the beginning of a lot of success for him!
  12. I didn’t ridicule you, but I think whoever did was right to do so. Nobody cares about anything in the NBA except scoring. If you watch NBA games they don’t even attempt to box anyone out. If they cared about rebounding it would be a much bigger emphasis by coaches and players. Remember when they had nicknames for guys like “The glove” because Gary Payton played unbelievable defense? That era is dead and gone.

    I hope you’re right, because I think in a league where no one tries to rebound, he could average 15 a game.
  13. Nah the league has changed a lot, but especially right now there is a high demand for 6'7" guys who can play strong defense, rebound the ball, hustle and shoot the 3. He doesn't have the 3 ball yet, but if he figures it out, he will play for 10-15 years in today's NBA.
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  14. I think there's always a place for people in the NBA who can rebound. They usually want you to score and be a defensive all pro to pay you handsomely, but I've never known the NBA to not value the extra possessions rebounding gives your team and takes from the opponent. There's always been a premium for that in the NBA; there have just been a recent dearth of players willing to get great at the hard, dirty work required to be excellent at it.

    KDub has always struck me as a kid with a unique instinct for knowing where the ball would come down off the rim and beating his opponent to that spot. That's why he routinely got boards against taller/bigger bodies. Rebounding is more about hard work, hustle, and instinct than it is about size. Size helps, but that has never precluded KDub from cleaning the glass better than taller, bigger, more athletic players.

    That's what I saw in him in college that I felt would translate well to the NBA. Again, he hasn't vindicated me yet, but last night he demonstrated he's capable of huge rebounding nights in the league and I'm hopeful for him that his performance will result in more opportunities to go get the ball for his team.
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  15. I always love hearing people say that no one in the NBA plays defense when not playing consistently good defense is pretty much THE thing that will keep you off the floor as a young player. Just about every coach in that league emphasizes defense a ton.

    Everyone sees guys like James Harden playing no defense and thinks that's the NBA. But there are only a few guys who are so good on offense that they can actually get away with not giving consistent defensive effort.
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  16. When I first saw Williams play, I was immediately reminded of the old Boston Celtics forward from the 1970's Paul Silas. Silas was always in the right place to get the rebound and just worked harder than anyone else on the court. Williams can be the same kind of player.
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  17. Plus, I'm pretty sure Paul Silas as a coach once picked up one of his players and stuffed him into a locker. Real power move right there.
  18. You have to have great hands to do that.
  19. Watch an NBA game tonight and grade each player on how well they box out. Seriously, watch a game and tell me how it goes. It is a complete joke.

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