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Keep FROGLAW in your prayers...

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Double D, Jun 2, 2019.

  1. FROGLAW on TCU alumni trip in Italy. Looking like he's having Gall bladder issues. Doctors are checking him out. If all goes well, he will fly home on Tuesday.
  2. HIPAA violation!
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    Takes a lot of gall to start a thread like this. My sympathies to him. Been through it.
  4. What a bummer. That can be painful from what I understand, but at least not life threatening. What terrible timing! Too much rich pasta perhaps??
  5. Had gallstones and subsequent surgery in 1994....Pain was like a Buick driving through my guts....I have all the respect for women in childbirth as a result....
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  6. Get well John.
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  7. Hang in there - you'll be repaired soon.
  8. Gallie, get well soon!
  9. Ugh. Good luck and quick relief!
  10. It is only a HIPAA violation if somebody on your healthcare team is spilling the beans.
  11. Hope all goes well for FrogLaw.
  12. Hang in there buddy!
  13. Trying to get home tomorrow.

    I'd like to have my doctors make any surgical decision.

    DD has been checking on my house and Marinefrog has been house sitting.

    Frog nation is strong.
  14. Did you get a chance to say hi to Art while you were there? :)
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  15. gall bladder removal is the most common surgery in the US, and my wife had it about 20 years ago. So you'll be in good company.
  16. Two years ago I spent $4k having a gallbladder removed... from my dog.
  17. Mrs Navy and I had coffee with him, and others from the Alumni trip, Thursday in Siena. We were hoping to run into each other in the airport in Rome yesterday. Get well quickly Froglaw. Froglaw in Seina.jpg
  18. Ouch. Was watching a vet show on animal planet yesterday with the kids. Girl was quoted $7,000 for a gall bladder removal surgery on her Poodle.

    She couldn’t afford it so she went to a different vet(vet on this show), and the vet quoted her $1,200 pre-op. Vet post-op said it was so simple and easy, he wouldn’t even charge her that much. Said he has more complicated spay surgeries.

    Vet business is big cash business. They’ll pull hard on those heart strings.
  19. we have already had a discussion with our 14-year old and 11-year old labs reminding them of the dnr's that they signed when they became part of the family several years ago.

    love them, but hell no and i am not selling myself pet insurance either.
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  20. I think what surprised me most about the bill was that the surgeon only collected about $1,500 of the $4k. The facility charges and meds added up really fast. Not unlike hospitals for humans.

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