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Josh Doctson cut by Vikings


That's kind of what the Vikings did. At what point does it become not worth it? For whatever reason, the guy hardly ever suits up on Sunday.

minimal cost to a team to bring him in and work him out and teams are working players out throughout the season

tendering a contract is a different matter and it is tough seeing another one in his nfl future if he doesn't land with someone soon


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Crazy how Coleman and Doctson just dominated in college and were huge busts in the NFL.
Coleman makes a little more sense because he went in with one of the worst attitudes/work ethics ever seen.

Doctson is really hard to figure out other than the fact that he's constantly got some kind of injury that he's dealing with. And WR's generally have one of the lower rates of success by position of 1st round picks.


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He got to play in 1 game and had zero catches for the Vikings. I think he will clear waivers and maybe he gets picked up soon, hope he does. I am starting to think that he is just not any good or whatever injury he had his first year was a lot more severe then we thought.