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Jordan Allen is a Frog!

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. Summary of this guy? Juco? Highly rated? DE?
  2. Stars? Need to know star count.
  3. Professional soccer player
  4. 6-5, 230 lb DE
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  5. Is this good?
  6. Sounds good to me!!!!
  7. Looks like Coach P's kind of defensive end.

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  8. If he stays humble, he can go far. Solid pickup. Also, is from the same area as Jason Verrett which can't hurt. Welcome to TCU, Mr. Allen and family!
  9. Yeah, but how's his motor?
  10. Sorry man, but being from the same area as another player literally means nothing. I was from the same area/district and played against Rashard Lewis, TJ Ford, Daniel Ewing who all went on the play in the NBA. The difference is that they all got paid millions to play professionally and I sucked.

    If your comment was tongue and cheek, then I need to calm the hell down!

    Welcome Jordan Allen. I think he is going to be great for us.
  11. Outstanding first step and nose for the ball!

    And I really like the way he treats his Mama!

    Go Frogs!
  12. His agility makes him look like a LB. He's quick for 230 lbs. Impressive.
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  13. Here is a link to Allen's high school footage on Hudl.:


    His bio for UCDavis:


    In high school he was a 6'4" 210 lb receiver/te/free safety/ kick returner who also played basketball and ran open 100M as well as legs on 4x100 and 4x400.

    Don't know what happened at UCDavis, but now less than two years later he is up over 230 lbs and wrecking shop as a LB/DE.

    Once again proves that Patterson and TCU don't recruit off lists. They work the relationship and find talent. Allen's story is similar to Paul Dawson in that he played one position in high school and headed to TCU to play another.

    Reading through Allen's background I am curious if this is the type of player they think John Stephens will grow into once he gets to TCU.
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  14. Welcome to TCU, Jordan!!!!

    GO FROGS!!!
  15. Sounds like a late bloomer. Lightly recruited in HS, grew up in juco. Developed himself into a FBS player, hopefully. December grad, so has a Spring semester to get stronger and learn the system.
  16. I always wonder how accuarate these listed weights are. He sure doesn’t look 230 LBs in his pictures from his visit.

    Nevertheless, nice offers we’re coming in so he must have some good potential.
  17. I stood 2 feet from him in Dutch's on Sunday. It's a lean athletic frame and I would not be shocked if he doesn't presently weigh 230. Could also easily weigh weigh 250 next Sept.
  18. Dutch's is a good place to start for a weight-gain program. Hopefully he got the "Lineman" burger.
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