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Jimbo Grabs Player Facemask

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Hoosierfrog, Sep 29, 2018.

  1. vid on ESPN site.


    Wonder if Listenbee will enjoin Fisher into his suit?

    I used to think high school coaches in the 60s went to seminars to learn this along with paddle making...
  2. Who is Listenbee?
  3. Just getting his attention...
  4. There goes any hopes Jimbo had of being on the Supreme Court.
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  5. Listenbee’s frivolous lawsuit is about ignoring pretend injuries, not being overly-didciplinary.
  6. Did we drink together today?
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  7. I don’t remember.
  8. In fairness we have actual evidence Jimbo did this.
  9. Crab legs might not be a good character witness anyhow. ;)
  10. a&m is going to regret missing a great chance to fire him for cause and keep $75M. About two years from now.
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  11. Privileged white rage
  12. Uh, testimony under oath is evidence.
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    I’m FULLY aware of that and everyone on this board (including you) knows exactly what I’m talking about. Your response is the lawyer equivalent of correcting someone’s grammar/spelling.
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  14. It's OK, because he helped pass out orange slices and participation ribbons, after the game.
  15. I had worse treatment in Pop Warner in 1981.
  16. So all someone has to do any case is lie then it should be an automatic conviction
  17. I remember 30+ years ago on TV Wacker grabbed a player by his facemask and pulled him so they were face-to-face, to yell at. And the color guy went bananas...over 30 years ago. So nothing new there. Now Woody Hays smacking around a player from the other team...yeah that got him fired.
  18. I had a coach at Arlington Heights do that to me. I wanted so bad to drop that guy.

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