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Jett Duffy transferring

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Dec 13, 2019.

  1. Tech fan here. Jett has a strong arm, but he's consistently struggled with accuracy throwing downfield and with reading defenses. He looked like a lost cause under Kliff, which says something considering that for all his failings, Kliff has always excelled at QB coaching. And Kliff was the guy who wanted him and brought him to Lubbock.

    I think Tech's OC (David Yost) did a good job with Jett by simplifying the offense. He called tons of WR screens, which were effective and made Jett's numbers look much better, even if they aren't particularly fun to watch in action. Jett's capable of throwing some nice passes, but he misses a lot of throws and will throw INTs if he has to throw the ball into tight windows. He think he'd do pretty well if he could find a G5 team that needs a dual threat QB.
  2. I would add 20% to Duggan's stats due to all the drops.
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  3. Sounds like it has SMU written all over it, except that Beuchele has a year left I think.
  4. Wait is the something an OC is allowed to do?
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  5. His name is David Yost? Lol
  6. If you think his name is funny, you should look at a picture of him.
  7. especially since he was suspended for 2 semesters for the title ix issue.
  8. Glad to see he got his degree. Seems like more and more players are really focused on that these days.
  9. that’s incredibly generous.
  10. Do these kind of players ever stay at their school? Seems like they always transfer.
  11. What type of players?
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  12. 1 out of 5? To be honest it was probably even worse than that.
  13. Even if 1/5 were drops, then half were on Duggan for throwing too much heat on short routes
  14. Why are we concerned about a TECH QB transferring? Potential backup at TCU? He is not transferring to ride the pine.
  15. You need heat to beat the defense. Not his fault our WRs can't catch. No excuse with the gloves they wear today. Catches should be automatic.
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  16. backup QBs that play due to injuries (hopefully)
  17. What would you say if an MLB pitcher threw a ball to first base (Call it 5 yards or halfway from mount to 1st) with a full motion instead of an underhand toss if both options are sufficient for an out?
  18. you’re not beating most teams if your completion rate in a spread Is ~53% (which is a completion rate friendly offense)
  19. Are you suggesting a QB should throw screens and quick slants underhanded as long as the ball beats the defender there?
  20. 110% I think we would’ve won more games using the shovel pass and screens than whatever the hell we did this year.

    Boykin sidearmed his throws sometimes. Maybe max is a true legend for granny shots or underhand throwing

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