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Jett Duffy transferring

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Dec 13, 2019.

  1. Will be interesting to see if we pursue it at all. Fits the offense but not sure he’s a great fit considering we have a returning starter that’s younger than him.
  2. One year too late.
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  3. Quite probably true.
  4. regular or grad transfer?

    if he isn't the second he really doesn't do much for the frogs next year and they have to find another quarterback for next year simply for depth reasons
  5. He is a grad transfer, eligible immediately
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  6. He did remarkably well this year all things considered. From what I understand he never could grasp the playbook under Kingsbury. Was essentially demoted to third string under Wells before then being thrown in as number 1 when Bowman went down.
  7. Don’t think we need another transfer QB that can’t throw. Better than Delton but...
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  8. No grad transfer is going to come if he knows he only plays due to injury.
  9. I wouldn’t say Duffy can’t throw.
  10. Hasn’t he only been there 2 1/2 years? Impressive if so.
  11. He played well for them and I wonder who they have that is better?
  12. Well it’s Tech...
  13. According to the NCAA passing efficiency rankings for 2019, Jet Duffey ranked #46 in the nation and Max Duggan was #101:


    Max completed 53.4% of his passes for 6.1 yards/attempt. Duffey put up 65.1% and 7.7.

    I'm not arguing that we should try to sign Duffey, or even that he would be more successful in our offense than Max. I like Max and recognize that he was a true freshman, and was playing in a horrible all-around offense. I just felt compelled to point out that Duffey was statistically a much more successful passer than Max in 2019, so I would hesitate to say that he "can't throw."
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  14. He beat baylor this year.
  15. scheiss Tech
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  16. I'd happily take him.
  17. How is his corner of the endzone fade? Also, how does he do when we make the last second switch to wildfrog and then line him up as a receiver, effectively going to a 10 on 11 scheme?
    These must be huge factors in the decision to pursue or not.
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  18. Duggan still has red shirt eligibility, so if Duffy, Baldwin or anyone else became the starter, Duggan could participate in up to four games next year and still retain three more years of eligibility.
  19. Duffy did throw for 333 yards and 4 TDs against our defense. He’s not perfect but I think he’ll be a quality grad transfer for someone.
  20. He also played in a grown up offense

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