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Jason Phillips status

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by bcsfrog05, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. Did I miss something about Jason Phillips not being a coach anymore?
  2. Yes, but I don't recall all the details surrounding his departure.
  3. You might want to log back in under your real name.
  4. What happened to Phillips?
  5. Moved on. Crushing it somewhere else.
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  6. High school coach now.
  7. Living with his unclebrother and hanging out in the forum.
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  8. I'd say he's either:

    A) hanging out at chipotle, having a smoke, or

    B) riding his mower, dreaming of baseball

    I'm open to other suggestions.
  9. Wasn't he a graduate asst? Seem to remember that GA's have a limit on the time related to their graduate studies. I suppose one could be hired for a full blown position at the end of that time as a GA, but then someone else would have to go. It's been discussed in the years past, but someone knows what all that entails.
  10. Isn’t he an analyst now?
  11. not listed on the staff roster and i thought someone had once posted a twitter account where he referenced the same merchant services company associated with david hawthorne
  12. Maybe Last Chance U season 4?
  13. Working with David Hawthorne.
  14. Glad to have had Jason around but getting DeMontie Cross back is huge.
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  15. Fire Anderson and hire Phillips.
  16. Anderson has been here 21 years and he's not going anywhere. Plus he's a good recruiter. Cross is director of player personnel and won't coach lB as that job has gone to Glasgow and probably a good move. GP was saying after the bowl game that he was having to spend too much time coaching LB.
  17. C) Riding smoke and dreaming of Chipotle.
  18. Interesting tweet:
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  19. What is his unclebrother’s opinion?

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