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Jaquaze Sorrells

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Mavsman53, Nov 1, 2019.

  1. 2019 4-star DT Jaquaze Sorrells will be transferring to TCU. He was a 2019 S. Carolina commit, but was unable to attend there because he did not qualify. He will attend TCU in the Spring.
  2. Oh, Ok. I guess.

    6-3” 310 lb DT. Offers from Alabama, Clemson, LSU, etc.
  3. Welcome aboard big fella. So since he couldn't even attend school at SC I would assume he's going to be eligible next year?
  4. I mean wow.

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  5. Sorrells and Jenkins side by side for the next 3-4 years sounds fun!
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  6. Is this real life?!

    any connection with KJ recent news....

    extra scholly JR is vacating!
  7. This kid had offers from literally everyone...... Bama, LSU, Clemson, etc..... 4 star and top 150 player in the country. Our DL/DE class just got silly.
  8. great news he will be in ft worth in the spring and will start getting ready to contribute next fall

    if you need a good laugh watch his hudl highlights. he is bigger than most of the people he is facing so he isn't challenged much, but moves well for a big guy and like i said there a few laughs

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  9. sylvester, jenkins, and sorrells is a pretty salty trio.

    frogs REALLY need to go find another defensive end who can contribute from jump next year
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  10. Assuming there are attractive options it seems like it shouldn’t be that difficult to sell a kid on the opportunity for the PT he should have here.
  11. Wonder if Blackshear being here helped in getting this kid or if it's just total coincidence that we're getting SCAR transfers at d-line in two straight seasons.

    Either way seems like a great get (obviously) as long as the academics have been resolved.
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  12. Wonder what his team's record was. He is not the only big DL on that team.

    Looks like he needs to reapportion some of that weight, so next semester and the summer should really be good for him.

    Takes away a little of the sting from KJ, who looked so good on his highlights.
  13. 10-2
  14. Interesting tweet from Coker:

    For us old guys #IYKYK means If You Know You Know (or the mutual feeling)
  15. Just assume they met on the camp/recruiting circuit. Kid is from Florida and remember that’s where Coker originally committed. Could easily have visited there together.
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  16. coker was committed to florida at one time before flipping to the frogs.

    not a stretch that sorrells and he met at uf.
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  17. Used to follow him on twitter so I’d imagine there was some sort of interest in TCU from him for me to follow him. Big time pick up
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  18. Lots of comments on the SC 247 site speculating about how he won't be eligible for TCU in spring, either. Assuming sour grapes, who knows.
  19. Curious what exactly made him ineligible and what he did while not going to school this semester to address that. Or was he taking classes somewhere?

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