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  1. In all fairness, the Baylor Bores nearly had’em a Bram moment.
  2. Two good passes feels like a lot.
  3. “Whatever ultimately happens to Brewer, Baylor clearly blew it by putting him back in the game. It’s not clear how closely he was examined in the aftermath of the initial hit, but it reflects poorly on the school, the coaches and the medical staff that it took a referee to correctly deduce that Brewer needed to be looked at. This has been an issue that has popped up in other games, and it’s very concerning that it happened at all, much less on such a big stage.”
  4. And I'm not sure I'd agree both were good throws. He seemed more lucky than good on those.
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  5. Transfer Portal University
  6. for sure. weak hands need not apply.
  7. So pretty much emblematic of Baylor's whole season.
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  8. Unfortunatly, I have to agree.
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