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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by hiphopfroggy, Dec 7, 2019.

  1. Bohannon to the transfer portal.
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  2. Pretty heavily recruited if I remember correctly. Tech wanted him bad. I know many fans were pissed when he eventually went to Baylor.
  3. 2 good passes. Tap the brakes.
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  4. I would have 160 yards passing too if I played
  5. TCU needs to start recruiting WRs and OL. We can't compete in this league without some sure hands and big uglies.
  6. Should probably check out the OL we have coming in. Won’t make a comment about WR though
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  7. Shows you what good coaching can do. Seamless transition for Baylor, maybe a better QB than Brewer.
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    Cumbie = QB recruiter... not QB Coach
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  9. I coached him in middle school for a year before he left to another school. Good kid. Plays for the wrong team.
  10. I like that there is a thread here about Baylors 3rd string QB. True freshmen QBs should be redshirting and learning the game at this level. Not running for their lives and playing Madden during bowl season.
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  11. scheiss BearlyAFrog
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  12. And yet here you are.
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  13. yea that was funny
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  14. Funny that you would be talking about how to treat QBs after what Baylor just did to theirs.
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  15. Ha... such a small sample size. Easy dude.

    Also, how did he look when the pressure got there?
  16. I liked playing today.
  17. But we've been told you have to have experience to play like that at QB!:(
  18. Well after a couple of good throws he was running for his life out there.

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