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I've said it before - the problem is the big N

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Bob, Nov 14, 2019.

  1. It seems everyone has a pet theory on what exactly is TCU's problem. But, I know. And, I've said it before. It's the big N in the end zone.

    See picture below. When we rocked the world, our end zone spelled was spelled HORnED FROGS.

    Now, we suck hind teat because the end zone is spelled HORNED FROGS.


    So, let's get that little n back on the field Gary. It defined us.
  2. Racist as Hell
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  3. That picture with the lower case n is from a game we lost (Kansas State) in a season we finished with a losing record in the Big 12 (2012). Not exactly rocking the world.
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  4. Is there anything that isn't racist these days though?????
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  5. I thought for sure this thread was about to get flagged
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  6. Yep, just like this season.

  7. Ummm....The 2012 (7-5) and 2013 (4-8) years did not rock, and the renovated stadium with the lower-case "n" was in use both of those years....
  8. Yes. That which is sexist or homophobic or Islamaphobic or transphobic is not necessarily racist. Other than that....nope
  9. So how do we explain this year's abortion...
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  10. Pretty much. But the n is transcendent. Always rscist.
  11. Following up on last year....Winner nag records in 2014 and 2015 ( back to back) were evidently aberrations....
  12. Gotta admit, I was nervous to click the Bob post...
  13. This team’s problems aren’t coaching or offensive game planning, nope, it’s a font problem.
  14. At this point I'm will to try anything.
  15. It's as logical an explanation as I've heard so far...
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  16. I think that picture is from 14, I could be wrong i can’t get the photo to come up clear on my phone. Huge night game with K-State. They put out a special photo where you could mega zoom any where in the stadium and see people’s faces.
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  17. This theory could be correct. I remember when not having the steroid frog painted on the field cost us some games.
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  18. The Gary statue has put the whammy on us. Oh and come on Bob. I think you over estimated your wit.
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