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It's official: Big 10 to postpone, attempt to restart in spring

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Sweat Equity, Aug 11, 2020.

  1. And of course the twitter response thinks its because people didn't wear masks.

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  2. Wow. That's even dumber than the usual tripe trotted out by the leftist sewer trout...
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  3. Guess they don't care about Day, Harbaugh, Franklin and Frost. Hope those schools defect to other conferences
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  4. Kevin Warren playing politics as usual.

    Schools there that want to play, do have course to take action. Anybody screaming about contracts should also understand the issue of a contrapositive.
  5. Just hope the ACC, SEC and Big 12 have the balls to stand on their own and go play.
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  6. If anything, Frost may have just found his escape from the disaster in Lincoln.
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  7. IF there is not fall football nationwide, the one good think is there will be quite a few espn/sports radio types, who have constantly put politics into their coverage, that will be looking for work as the revenues dry up.
  8. We could have all been hermetically sealed in individual packets for the past 9 months and we would still be in the same boat. What a joke.
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  9. If the big 12 chickens out, maybe at least it will be the end of Bowlsby.
  10. You did it to yourselves. Enjoy. If you dont want to wear a mask, stay home then
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  11. No way. Reliable tools are hard to come by...
  12. dumbest post of the day. congrats.
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  13. Sarcasm?
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  14. Yeah Nebraska going all in. Offer them back now
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  15. No surprise coming from a conference made up of leftist, fear porn, wussies.
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  16. I really didn’t think you could say something that made me think you were more dumb than I thought already but congrats for being able to prove me wrong.
  17. "Welcome back to the fold, Cornfed! Now, before we get to the rest of our planning and scheduling, come right on over here, and you can piss on DeLoss Dodds grave."

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