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ISU at a glance

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Froggish, Sep 30, 2019.

  1. Reddish-orange
  2. does it burn at all? the type of discoloration usually means you should go see a doctor
  3. If McMillon can hold up against Lima who is going to be an NFL draft pick that will be saying a ton.

    Ive said this a number of times..Your getting good production out of Cooper as your 3rd DT, why not try Blacklock at DE on a 3rd down and see if he can get to the QB? He’s very quick of the ball and his hand technique is twice as good as any of our DEs..It’s unconventional but it could work as he’s skimmed down and coming of the ball really well
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  4. interesting idea though i am not sure if the quickness ross has against interior offensive linemen would be as apparent against tackles.

    it is a very interesting idea and i am curious what it would look like if tcu ran a 3 man front with cooper, bethley, and ross when gary runs his 3-3-5.

    i am not sure if coy is quite physically ready for taking lima head up, but he doesn't need to dominate just stalemate lima and if coy can do this the frogs i believe will be able to run the ball effectively in ames
  5. When I made my season prediction, I was chalking ISU up as a loss. We'll see, I think a good crowd and giving their QB time, could write doom for the Frogs.
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  6. Why would we want to move our best D-lineman FURTHER away from the QB on passing downs? If anything, you occasionally see teams move their top DE inside on a passing down to utilize his quickness inside and get him CLOSER to the QB.
  7. He's playing phenomenally. I'm not saying its conventional to "occasionally" move him to the outside. I recognize its a bit crazy. But really he's the only guy on our defensive line getting any pressure at all. If your trying to get your best pass rushers on the field, I think Cooper has been pretty good inside and is one of those guys. In fact you may not be aware but so far, Cooper has been better then Bethley. I'm not sure why, but Bethley hasn't been himself this year..Could be the return of Ross

    Speaking of DT....Outside of trash time, Ross, Cooper, and Bethley are the only DTs we've really seen. It would appear the more we creep into 3-3-5 the smaller our DT rotation becomes.
  8. If anything you could put Cooper at DE if you think he's one of your top 4 pass rushers, but you don't move Blacklock out of the middle. A pass rush up the middle is always better than off the edge, although obviously you ideally want both.
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  9. curious if we don't see karter until the end of the year when he is inside his four game red-shirt window.

    misi played in game 1 that i recalled and the stats on gofrogs says he has played in four games. not sure how accurate that list is though because if shows plant hasn't played at all yet you can clearly see #98 on the field during each of the last four games

    i haven't seen ellis at all this year and don't recall filikitonga playing in any games yet as well.
  10. I think we can all agree that we have to get better at getting to the QB..When your best pass rusher is a hand in the dirt guy you probably have an issue..The good news is we are playing the run well and I have faith that the light will come on for Mathis
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  11. Pretty unusual for GP not to have a DT rotation of 4-5..I kind of think that Ellis has been hurt but I might be wrong..

    We are now getting into the portion of the schedule where if you haven’t played and are still eligible for a RS, you are probably going to be managed well..I’m thinking of a guys like Barkley and Ben Wilson who you might try and target for RS..

    Also is Bowen’s injury season ending or is he projected to be back? I don’t think he can help at this point but you never know
  12. who knows on injuries behind the purple curtain as gary will reference the number of injuries, but things are very vague beyond those comments.

    ellis hasn't played so i have to think he is hurt, no idea on iziah, and no idea on karter.

    curious if barkley does end up red-shirting as well as barber if he can't get on the field soon.

    frogs might not have the luxury of red-shirting ben wilson. thing about ben though is we really don't have a big track record from him to know without a doubt he will be better than van zandt or winter. we know he is bigger, but will he be better?

    never heard what has bowen signed this time. if it is the shoulder again that is a very big concern in regards to it being a chronic problem .
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  13. Thanks
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  14. GP dropped a few nuggs in presser..Filikitonga has been hurt and Ellis was ineligible due to grades..Both are about to be back along with Wilson
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  15. How do we feel about the amount of respect being given to this week's opponent? Are we in a good place or do we need to be worried?

    First things first for me. There's a big physics test coming up for a bunch of the players tomorrow morning so that's what I'm focused on. I don't want any of them thinking that I'm taking that test for granted and overlooking it, otherwise they'll all fail. THEN, I can start thinking about Iowa St.
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  16. Iowa State ran for 63 yards on 28 carries against Baylor. I think its all about passing with these guys.
  17. Interesting facts about the Iowa St offense...

    1. On the entire season they’ve only had 2ea 3 and outs...

    2. They’ve crossed the opponents 45 on 32 drives and only come away with points on 12...

    3. They’ve went for 400+ yards in every game

    They are actually moving up and down the field a lot on offense but are stalling out on drives...
  18. It’s because their run game is really weak. They’re good at passing the ball but when the field tightens up those passing lanes start to disappear.
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  19. How did you have the SMU game? Point is, I'm not sure who we are yet based on the performances vs the competition level thus far. Hopefully optimistic, but as The Wolf said in Pulp Fiction, "Let's not start......"
  20. Perhaps one of the most underrated quotes in movie history...
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