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Is TCU favored over OSU?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by MinFrog, Nov 29, 2020.

  1. The first line I saw today was TCU -1.

    I know they are down 2 RBs, but I can’t fathom how TCU would be favored.
  2. Gary said he had that special package for Brown in two a days. I think he finally releases it this game and shows all his cards
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  3. Gross
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  4. Those 2 RBs gonna be out this week too??
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  5. In all seriousness after watching OK St’s last three game they have been the most overrated team in the country this season. They are a slightly better version of Tech offensively and have a decent defense. Not a top 25 team. Sanders is crap
  6. Part of the reason I think we can beat them is my belief that Gary's D can force Sanders into mistakes/turnovers.
  7. Think we can win this one as well, playing for a bowl..hope we get the afternoon kickoff
  8. They are good minus the QB. Sanders he been pretty careless all year.
  9. No minimum wins requirement this season to be bowl eligible. By my count, there are 7 bowl spots available for Big 12 teams - one NY6 and six others. Based on records the worst we can finish is tied for seventh and that would require Baylor beating OU. Bowls are open to pick who they want but it would seem as though we are locked into one of the seven bowls available to us (technically 6 because we sure as ship aren’t getting a NY6 bowl).

    I could be wrong about all this. I am not an expert in these matters.
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  10. Should be something like OSU -12.5
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  11. I bet the B12 bowl partners are going to be clamoring to get TCU and our exciting brand of football to their event.
  12. yes, no way this is a small spread game.

    my guess is OKST -10
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  13. Its all a ruse....Frogs plan to mesmerize Okie Lite with a dazzling aerial offense.
  14. No way OSU is favored by 10 or more.
  15. Trivia: Tom Hanks was nominated for Best Kiss in that years MTV Movie Awards.
  16. OSU no doubt should be favored.

    vegas insider has OSU -2
  17. You're right. John Denton said during the Baylor game that the top 7 teams in the Big 12 are guaranteed a bowl this year regardless of their record.
  18. A League of Their Own is such an incredible movie

    Thank God Tom Hanks survived Tom Hanks disease early on in this pandemic. I don’t want to live in a world without Tom Hanks

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