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Iowa State 12:30

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Sep 14, 2020.

  1. Noon kickoff.
  2. It'll cool off by then.
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  3. I sure hope so.
  4. maybe in iceland
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  5. Maybe the can close the roof.
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  6. It won’t matter to 75% of us.
  7. I laughed.
  8. Westsider said it best. Who's going to complain about the heat when no one is there? Very sad year. I miss the tailgating and comrodory of people I don't even know. No Texas State Fair no TCU football . I'll get by this year but another year, season like this and I'm moving to Philippines where there are a lots of hidden beaches and pretty bikinis everywhere. I'll disappear.
  9. I’m going to watch the game outside on my patio in solidarity with the faithful. My beer will be both colder and cheaper however.
  10. Can I come stay with you for a couple weeks at one of those beaches in the Philippines?
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  11. When’s the last night game at AGCS this teams played?
  12. West Virginia last season
  13. Ah. Believe I missed that one in person for some reason. Can’t remember.
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  14. Doesn’t matter the reason. You chose wisely.
  15. The West Virginia game was at 3:30. The last night game was on 8-31-2019 Arkansas-Pine Bluff
  16. With the numbers dropping solidly and the reality that there is quite a bit of room in that stadium, The Guv needs to make some changes and TCU should allow at least 45% capacity.
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  17. There's a lot of things our imbecile Governor needs to do...
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  18. Yea you're right. I guess because it was cloudy and rainy most of the night it felt like a night game.
  19. so full capacity for a noon start in september
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  20. I was there. And yes, you chose wisely, for multiple reasons....
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