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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Pure Purple, Mar 16, 2020.

  1. Next week I will be heading to Fort Worth for a reunion of the remaining original founding members of

    the SAE chapter at TCU. Since the University's imposed coronavirus closure, are there any areas within the

    campus that still remain open?
  2. Meet me at the Frog Fountain...
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  3. I don’t have the answer but I saw a few people walking around campus Saturday on Staduim Dr when I drove by. So, there are students still on campus, but I do not know their restrictions. Could only be the dorms open. Call the university.
  4. I would consider not going.
  5. maybe go ahead and postpone the reunion.
  6. Hmm... define "remaining open"... i.e. how comfortable are you with using a crowbar?
  7. I was up there this weekend and the buildings are locked and are accessible only with a student or faculty ID. You can walk around the football stadium if you like.
  8. Appreciate the responses.....
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  9. I know that Colonial Country Club has cancelled all banquets for the next couple of months, only remaining open for individual, non group activities.
  10. The better question might be "will any place in Fort Worth be open next week".
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  11. Do not go. This is not the time for people to travel to reunions of older people.
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  12. Let me guess, no ninjas?
  13. Dallas (city and county) just announced closing for all bars and restaurants for in dining options. Figure city of Fort Worth will follow suit later today (along w Tarrant County)

    might not have anywhere to go if you do show up!
  14. What was that knuckleheads name??? All I remember is he went to LD Bell i think....
  15. I don't recall. I went to L.D. Bell, though. I hope it wasn't me...
  16. I went to Richland.
  17. ChooChoo? He was mad as hell at Aledo for stealing all the best athletes from Bell. Was probably an angry band nerd.
  18. I am not a fan of this move.
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  19. The wisdom displayed on this forum is invaluable. Cooler heads have prevailed....the reunion has been postponed.

    ......vielen dank!
  20. "it aint B&E if you don't get caught" - grandfather
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