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If you could pick...

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by f_399, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. A friend has to pick between 1 of 2 games.

    Home game vs. west Virginia or home game vs. Baylor.

    I told him west Virginia maybe a better game because Baylor is not the same team even compared to last year. But then again, Baylor games are always fun because of the rivalry.

    Has the Baylor game lost its luster?

    If you had to pick 1 of these two games to attend, which one?
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  2. I say rivalry game. Yes, the WVU game will probably be a better game competitively, but there's nothing like a hated rivalry game.

    Just my opinion. And of course all opinions stink so I respect all those whom disagree. But nothing better than baylor tears!
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  3. WVU. I can't even hate Baylor anymore. Pathetic. Wish they were gone. They should be.
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  4. If you can't hate Baylor something is wrong with you. Their players committed dozens of rapes, their coaches covered it up, and the administration enabled the gross culture to continue for years with full knowledge of what was going on.
  5. Yeah, I'd go with WVU here. It should be a much more competitive game. Although, a 63-7 style shellacking of the rapists would be enjoyable as well.
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  6. @Dirtbag -- those guys are all gone. (Good) But now the program is in shambles. And we're stuck with them til the contract runs out. We'll beat their undermanned, under coached teams 50-0. Who cares?

    They should've been kicked out of the league or gotten the DP so that the league would be forced to replace them.
  7. Baylor. May have all but one of the elements of good theater. Comedy. Tragedy. Horror. Action. Heroes. Villains. Tears. Kiss Cam brings the Rom-Com. Appears likely to be missing suspense though.
  8. If you can choose either, you can go to both.
  9. Enjoying a complete decimation of Baylor will never get boring, old, or uninteresting. I will enjoy every second, every point, every Baylor tear. Although the miscreants are (probably) all gone from the football team, their rape-enabling culture and fans deserve unending humiliation.

    If your friend is a Frog, familiar with the horrific recent past of the BU program, then he will enjoy that game.

    But if your friend is just a casual frog fan without the requisite level of approbation of all things Baylor, then the WVU game will be better. As others have noted, it will be a far more competitive game.
  10. Without a doubt WVU.
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    Well, there's that.
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  12. I'd choose to watch Rape U bite the curb.
  13. He won a raffle for 2 tickets and a parking pass.

    The choice is either vs. WVU or Baylor.

    He is already a season pass holder and is going to both, I guess the better question is which game holds more value? Or which one would you invite your friends to attend?
  14. WVU. After TCU rolls thru SMU and OSU, it will be a prime time night game. Baylor game is at 11AM. I HATE 11AM games.
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  15. WVU game will be a good P5 matchup between two top 25 teams.

    Baylor game will be against an 0-11 team at 11am on Black Friday.
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  16. Their fans just 3 days ago were posting on BaylorFans asking if they could potentially being back art Briles. No kidding. Don't feel bad for them.
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  17. [​IMG] [​IMG]
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