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I Guess No News On Cumbie's Interview This AM

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Hoosierfrog, Dec 6, 2015.

  1. I do agree with that. 3.9 mil can go a long ways on being displaced.

    If it was just money, I think he would have accepted Monday. I am guessing SC is evaluating if staying at TCU or going to UT is going to provide the best path to being a HC. I imagine that is the primary focus. Wife and their situation is being added to the equation. The money part is a go. The question is are the other parts of the decision a go?
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  2. This makes a lot of sense. Certainly couldn't hurt for an offensive guy, if he wants to be a head coach, to spend his coordinator years picking up defensive nuggets from GMFP.
    Strong everywhere.
    Candidate for SC, A&M, OU etc. They were dead set on Cumbie. I don't think they make this guy wait. If he says I will accept if you offer and they do, I'd expect this to be done by later today. 
    Just depends on his interview.
  4. My father's former business partner played football at West Texas A&M and was from the Amarillo area.  I distinctly remember less than 10 years ago him saying, "TCU has a good football team but they will never be respected in the State of Texas until they beat UT."
    Now we have one of the hottest OCs in the country debating whether or not to take a job in Austin, as he likes his job and quality of life in Fort Worth?  This would have made absolutely no sense 10 years ago.  None.
    These are the glory days of TCU football.  Take a step back and smile.  We have come a long, long way and did it the right way (cough, Baylor).  Even if he does leave, appreciate the respect he is showing our program and the city by really weighing this decision.  TCU is a special place.  Fort Worth is a special place.
    Go Frogs!
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  5. I feel like I'm reading about people speculating on oil prices for the coming years. No one knows anything but people are going to make predictions so they can say "told ya so!"
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  6. Kirk Bohls reported Sonny makes $700k / yr at TCU ($2.1M vs. $3.9). Presumably this is prior to any raise.
  7. https://twitter.com/JClarkHFB/status/674625728579690496
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  8. https://twitter.com/jclarkhfb/status/674625451227136000
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  9. I never heard a figure that high in terms of what he WAS making.
  10. Celebration gif time!
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  11. https://twitter.com/bwqb12/status/674628914006720512
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  12. What does "turned town" mean from Jeremy?

    Crap he's turning around and headed back to Austin
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  13. shut this down. lets go home.
  14. #UTturntdown
  15. Why go home? It's time to celebrate. It's 5 o'clock somewhere!
  16. TCU & Fort Worth is a special place. 
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    I was completely wrong!  On hear to eat crow.  So glad you guys were right!  I need more faith.  I'm still in the mindset that UT always beats us when it comes to football.  I need to change that thinking!
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  18. [​IMG]
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