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I’ve escaped!!!!!

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by wes, Sep 20, 2019.

  1. After two months I am finally out of the bedroom and that hospital bed. Now I’m comfortably sitting in the living room and happy as a pig in you know what

    what a great day
  2. I’ll drink one tonight
  3. Great to hear
  4. T

    man I was going crazy in there. Lying. in bed may sound great to some but it’s not easy. Hospital beds. Are not built for long term comfort. Maybe if they could put memory foam mattresses on them and built in some USB ports so that I could keep my phone charged . If I can think of that so could they but.....
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  5. Cool beans, Wes.

    Just in time for the game tomorrow, too!
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  6. Glad you're home-great to hear. I bet you are looking forward to watching the game on your own TV. God bless Wes
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  7. Excellent. Enjoy yourself and your hospital bed escape. :) I can only imagine what that is like. Hope you don't need to go back for a long time!!!!!
  8. Awesome news, Wes! Enjoy your new found freedom! Beer and football!
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  9. Great news! Hospitals suck! You've been in there for like 2-3 months, no?

    Hospitals have a very high rate of death.
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  10. Best news of the day! Here’s hoping the Frogs get a big win to honor your progress!
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  11. Great news Wes!
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  12. Just in time to watch the little prancing ponies get crushed.
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  13. Maybe I'm mistaken, but I think Wes had been in a hospital bed in his own bedroom. Not in a hospital.

    Wes, now that you're out of bed, there's still time to make it up for the game tomorrow!
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  14. thanks beer going soon. football soon enough
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  15. thats correct. the hospice moved in a hospital bed for me. they added air mattresses, which aren't bad and keep me from getting bed sores but it still sucks
  16. Praise Cheesus! And the Holy Havarti!
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  17. :rolleyes:
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  18. Good to hear Wes. Enjoy a little more normal life.
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  19. Good for you Wes. Glad to hear it.
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