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Houston vs Tulane

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Chongo94, Sep 20, 2019.

  1. Not sure how many of y’all watched this but it was a great game. The ending was fantastic!

    Worth catching a replay or at the very least the ending highlights.
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    Great comeback by Tulane.

    As for #21 from Houston, just make the damn tackle and the game probably goes to OT. But noooo I wanna make a big hit and end up losing the game for my team.
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  3. Great ending at least for Tulane. I did think it was interesting that the Green Wave was wearing powder blue unis.
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  4. Is Holgerson a good coach? Or is he just a guy that is so well-liked by frog fans that he gets the benefit of the doubt all the time?
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  5. The WR for Tulane who was tearing up Houston and caught that game winner was OKie St. Wr who transferred last year due to being upset with Gundy..
  6. I watched it was awesome.
    Fake kneel was an amazing call and executed to perfecto.
    I like Tulane and Hawaii, and would like to see them take over as the top G5 teams.
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  7. I still hate seeing Holgo lose this one. But, man, was his defense gassed in the 2nd half.
  8. I was thinking about that last night. I know I have read here from time to time folks putting him in the mix for this job (someday). He seems like an interesting and likable guy but I’m not in any way sold on him as a head coach. As an OC, yes. In charge of the whole thing? No thanks
  9. This was pointed out by many on Twitter, but the UH President has said, "We will fire coaches at 8-4." Well, UH is now 1-3 and looking a bit lost.
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  10. Maybe, maybe not, but we really can't tell much on this season. He's three games in with a team that was demolished by his predecessor. Gonna take some time.
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  11. if tilman didn't say it then it doesn't mean squat. uh is his school much in the way boone ran osu
  12. And they still have a road game at UCF so 8-4 is as good as they can probably do.

    Still seeing UCF fans claim Houston is a top 25 caliber team but is 1-3 due to a tough early schedule.
  13. ucf? heck, they have smu the week before and since this smu team is a machine made of transfers and sonny dykes' genius the cougs might not make .500 this year
  14. Brilliant.

    Houston, lolz. Remember when we used to get Houston trolls pestering us on this board? Thank goodness those days are over.
  15. I expect UH will get better as they get the new style in place. The conditioning can be fixed as well, emphasis on can. UH is not a top 25 team, but they did just play 4 games in like 19 days, including OU and Washington St. That is a tough start to a season for most teams, let alone one with less depth than name brands and installing a new coaching staff.
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  16. Because their school colors are actually olive green and sky blue. Much like Sewanee, their teams' were originally named after their colors. The Olive and Blue.
  17. His dad is a coach on staff at Tulane now.
  18. meh, all in good fun. Veer was actually a good poster here.
  19. Agree. Pretty much a new system to that group and, as you mentioned, his predecessor sent them off the rails a bit. Will be interesting to see where they are next season, but even more, the season after next.

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