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Houston Chronicle: Texas, Oklahoma reach out to SEC about joining conference

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by CryptoMiner, Jul 21, 2021.

  1. Giving another university’s students access to their “rec facilities” doesn’t change their “totally separate” organization and accreditation or boost their #200 US News ranking. No one hear gives af about Texas tech. I mean, lol if it’s TCU OSU KSU and ISU (that’s insanely unlikely but still….lol)
  2. I don’t think anyone in California is under the misperception that any big 12 team would turn them down.
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  3. I respectfully disagree. Out here in NOVA, Baylor is essentially synonymous with “rape school” and “hypocrite Christians” Nobody even knows they won a natty in basketball. They are persona non grata among universities.
    You dance with the devil, you get burned.
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  4. See above…
  5. Good scheissing riddance. I don’t want to see the scheissers for the next 4 years. I assume OU will woodshed us again and don’t really care but I hope we beat UT by 100 and then never play them again. GTFOH .
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  7. When each institution makes their pitch, I guarantee that they will lump it all. We will mention our medical school, etc. I’m not arguing how it’s structured. I agree with you. If we are going to pitch ourselves with any other school left, I’d vote TT and use any argument we have. ACC or PAC or bust.
  8. No, but it does give some indication of the thinking in that part of the country. Just providing view points of the people in the direction we want to head…
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  10. They don’t want to know what I think they’re identical to.
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  11. That perception seems to be prevalent in a lot of places. Some numb nuts at my gym thought we were a Bible school and asked if we were affiliated with Gulfcoast Christian!?! I told him no, we were the school that beat his Badgers in the Rose Bowl.
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  12. Meh. A bunch of dudes from Washington. Not exactly a random sampling of ideas.
  13. But, I appreciate you posting the article.
  14. I’m only concerned with our side of the PAC bracket. :). I do question some of the choices on the other side however.
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  16. if heather dinch is speaking it is best to ignore her.

    she is a mouthpiece and nothing more, she also told us earlier today that atm was actually aware and not caught be surprise which contradicts the comments of jimbo and their ad

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