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Houston Chronicle: Texas, Oklahoma reach out to SEC about joining conference

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by CryptoMiner, Jul 21, 2021.

  1. White privilege…duh
  2. After all the speculating that’s been done the last couple days (and will continue to be done) it wouldn’t shock me if the PAC eventually just said “nah, we’re good”.
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    biggest concern is not which conference tcu ends up in once the dust settles on this, but that whomever is truly in charge at tcu has the vision and the grit to do what is needed to act in the best interest of the school

    we have been left for dead once before and no one gave a [ #2020 ] about us other than us and it is going to be the same again. we are scheissed and stupid if we trust any conference officials and other schools are going to act in our best interest.
  4. You’re not gonna believe this but I hear baylor has a call scheduled with the SWC
  5. If you asked me (to be clear no one has or will) the SEC would be better off taking Oklahoma and Texas (chrisitan university). Why because A&M hates Texas, recruiting the DFW area and direct access to the DFW market which is the 4th largest metropolitan area in the country.
  6. if you haven't noticed the sec is not really worried about irritating the aggies in this matter and more important it would give the sec not only a second game directly played in the metroplex but the largest, most watched game of the season in the metroplex
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    KU and KSU or ISU to the Big 10 makes a lot of sense. Whoever doesn’t go probably joins WVU to the ACC. The Pac 12 will get the final 4 and that’s probably where they fall in the pecking order. Everybody will go to 16 because if they don’t, they stand to get whatever money is left over which won’t be much.
  8. If P12 want to be stuck in a lack luster 60,000,000 viewership only scenario .... or would they prefer the additional gung ho CST viewership, for their contracts.

    Would still prefer to be one of the 2 additions to the ACC.
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  9. I really don't know why the Big 10 needs Kansas. They could have had the KC and St.Louis markets by taking Missouri.
  10. You left the 'A' out ...
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  11. User name checks out.

    You do not know why I am asking these questions as you are not privy to my conversations off line.

    Next you are not required to reply.

    Third it seems you need some serious anger or stress management help. I hope you find some as this ordeal is apparently too much for you to handle in a civilized manner.
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  12. KU owns the KC market. K-State is probably #2.
  13. lol wut?
  14. And it really varies by sport. KC/Kansas people take their college rivalries way less seriously than people in our part of the country do. There are a ton of people up there that wear purple during football season and blue and red during basketball season.
  15. Just because the SEC expands, it does not mean the ACC, B1G, or Pac 12 have to expand too. If they do not think any of these schools add value, then I doubt they expand just for the sake of expansion.

    If I had to guess, I bet we end up with the 8 big 12 schools staying together and adding Cincy, BYU (maybe football only), and a couple other schools (houston, memphis, SMU, UCF, or somebody along those lines.

    That might be the end of expansion this go around in regards to the power conferences.

    We end up in a far worse position that we are currently, but we would become a tweener conference between P5 and G5. If the playoff is expanded, then we would probably still have a path to the CFP.

    Obviously, this is a terrible outcome, but much better than ISU/KU in B1G, WVU in ACC, some schools in the Pac 12, and us holding the bag.
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  16. Absolutely possible. But I’d watch the B1G though. When there has been chaos, they have tended to make a move. And it’s often been a surprising one. Would have to ask GSR, but if the Big 12 collapses, there may be more available $$$ for their upcoming media rights negotiation. That could incentivize them to cast the final blow (a bookend to the first one they threw in poaching Nebraska).

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