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Houston Chronicle: Texas, Oklahoma reach out to SEC about joining conference

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by CryptoMiner, Jul 21, 2021.

  1. can you provide a link?
  2. Yep, the destination might be the big 10 for ut/ou.

    TCU is not getting in the pac 12.
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  3. But wait. We painted a sidewalk, too.
  4. The Big 12 inferiority complex it has about itself is hard to witness. Been that way almost since the beginning.

    Never did really totally understand it. Other conferences seem to work together. The Big 12 has always seemed hell bent on destroying itself. Thanks OU and UT.
  5. Pretty wild how some are saying no way we go to Pac and then others saying we are essentially their only option. But then I become yellow belly for saying we are a viable candidate but also have some headwinds.
  6. By the way, I’ve seen this debated so I thought I’d just set the record straight from an industry perspective… Big 12 member “value” ranking as generically perceived by the media industry and thus the conferences:

    1A. Texas
    1B. Oklahoma
    3. West Virginia
    4. Kansas
    5. Iowa State
    5. Kansas State
    5. Oklahoma State
    5. Texas Tech
    9. TCU
    10. Baylor

    Proximity would play a very minor role for conferences who might look to poach a member, but only so much.

    I’ve heard and seen all the arguments for TCU over some of the directionals, and I think some have a tiny bit of weight, but it won’t matter much. TCU has some great, powerful people in its corner, many quietly so, but there is just so much money at play and only so many seats available… it’ll be tough.
  7. The Big Ten has never been afraid to make odd moves. They could pitch Mizzou, KU, OU, and UT. OU isn’t AAU but I could see them making an exception for that package. That would really spin things on their head.
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    LMAO…. You sure pivoted quick off of “none of this is happening”.
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  9. The quicker everyone here accepts our AAC fate, the better off you will be long run.

    Let go of your hope.

    Can't wait for conference games against Temple.
  10. East of the Rockies, you're on the air.
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  11. What more does Iowa State and Kansas St have to offer other than more loving alumni?
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  12. Well that changed as more information became available after 3pm.
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  13. Sorry but I need an explanation for 3 - 10.
  14. UT to the Big 10 and OU to SEC. Big 12 goes away. 1 team gets left out of the big leagues. We obviously have to make moves to get to PAC.
  15. Largish state schools. Decent facilities. Good attendance numbers. Long histories in major conferences.

    That’s about it, but that is what matters most.
  16. I think TCU will be fine. National brand, ideal home DFW TV market, loyal fans, great academic school. Our facilities are built. Baseball stadium needs near scrape job minus the coaches offices, locker room, and batting cages.

    My bet is TCU, Okie State, Texas Tech, and K-State or UNLV to the new Pac-16. Baylor and Iowa State to the AAC. Kansas to the Big Ten. No clue where WVU lands.

    This could all be a big bluff too with UT and OU trying to get a very, very disproportionate amount of the revenue in the 2025 TV deal. To me this is like Schloss leaving for A&M. None of the other TCU coaches or trainers followed him there. Fort Worth has too much going for it. Gary may go 11-1 this coming football season and to me, that's all that really matters right now. Go Frogs and not losing any sleep over this.
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  17. Yeah, I think UT and OU's petition is merely a declaration of free agency and it'll pit BIG against SEC for the highest and best. ACC would even give it the old college try for those two. If BIG scores the ultimate coup it would send things into epic chaos as SEC would take 2 from ACC and then who knows what the hell happens from there.
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  18. Someone posted on Twitter (Trahan?) that ou and ut have both informed the league that they aren’t renewing media deals after 2025 season. Or some such. Whatever.
  19. I think it is now a when UT and OU leave for the SEC there aren't many if any good options for TCU. I am not sure this is a bad thing with the NIL and other NCAA issues for the purists. Basketball does help Baylor, but it can get overlooked.

    The Big Ten will select who they want to join if they expand. Notre Lame is number one on that list! Mizzou and I would guess UVA or UConn are also high on the list. Boston College might also get a consideration. KU is very unlikely, but not out of the question. They are the premier conference!

    The ACC likely looks to backfill. I would imagine WVU has to be high on their list. After WVU it depends on how many openings they want to fill. If it is 2 they very well could look at Texas schools. Those 2 schools might be Baylor and TCU. My guess is that TCU is probably 3rd or 4th on their list.

    The Pac 12 will not take Baylor! They want nothing to do with religious schools that want special treatment! They made it clear years ago when UT almost joined. All Texas schools struggle when it comes to California travel restrictions, but I think TCU is in better shape then some would imagine when it comes to the Pac. Playing Pac teams shows a commitment. If the Pac goes for 4 I think the choice is KU, KSU, OSU, and TT. Who knows if that holds. I think TCU is number 5 on their list and maybe 6.

    The other conference of note in this entire situation is the Big East! They have Creighton in Nebraska so adding KU and KSU might make some sense for them. I also think the Kansas schools could be intrigued with the basketball. Iowa St. might even consider it. I could also see TCU enjoying a spot in the conference though football might not look like it does today.

    The best hope for TCU is that if UT and OU leave that the Big Ten selects some of the big fish. A selection of 2 of the following (Mizzou, Notre Lame, BC or UVA) helps TCU. That likely opens 1 spot in the SEC and possibly 3 in the ACC.

    The other option for TCU might be to align with SMU, UH, Rice, Tech (if available) and Baylor to find other schools around Texas and restart the the Southwest Conference. UNT, UTSA, and UTEP might be options. The schools that are no longer a part of the conference will whine, but it could be the best option.
  20. If we get left behind I wouldn't be surprised at all for GP to spend his last few years giving it a run elsewhere.

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