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Houston Chronicle: Texas, Oklahoma reach out to SEC about joining conference

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by CryptoMiner, Jul 21, 2021.

  1. y’all call me a troll but this is the most yellow
    Belly sad [ #2020 ] I’ve seen on here

    we rank low in the big 12 on student population, every other metric we’re in the top 4

    if the ACC took a flyer on Louisville’s rap sheet of sanctions and low quality city + academics then’ll we get a look there

    pac-12 we’d be the first choice if they expand

    if not, screw it we can independent for football (but trim the number of scholarship sports in total)
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  2. If they want to get to 14 or 16 and/or expand east of the Rockies they will have to.
    Their network needs more market area and you are minimizing those schools' need to recruit better in Texas.
  3. To truly compete we need to be in a power five conference. The recruiting is just different. The money from the tv contracts is huge which leads to better facilities and such. To be legit title contender we need to be in a power five. I don’t want to go back to playing Wyoming, UNLY, and teams like that.
  4. wrong. ACC hates those hillbillies and will never add them

    source: the ACC commissioner first hand
  5. The revenue is the big deal. $7 mil in the MW conference compared to the $40 mil we get now.
  6. How was my comment yellow belly? I am proud of what the school has done, sans the wokeness. We have positioned ourselves greatly over the last 10 years. My point is that if you think I small private public school in Texas is an automatic fit for a west coast conference then I wish I had your optimism. I think we are a viable candidate because of what we’ve done, but I think it’s far from a lock.
  7. Good luck when the BIg 12 money runs dry. It will be back to paltry TV money and playing football games on any day of the week other than Sunday. TCU worked so hard to get away from the SMU's and Colorado State's of the world and that's where they will land.
    Baseball will definitely take a hit conference wise.
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  8. yeah, I was just talking quality football teams

    Something has to change for P12 revenue then - nobody watches those games and their payout will drop heavily
  9. The original PAC 8 would only play us about once every 4 years and actually probably be glad to come the metroplex for recruiting purposes.

    2025? Well, this will be an awkward 4 years.
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  10. More than likely they will move to cancel/negotiate the GOR. That’s where the lawyering could be interesting
  11. Use your head - nobody from California is ever stepping foot in Oklahoma or Kansas or Lubbock if they can avoid it.

    If they need even numbers then SDSU or Colorado state could get a look too
  12. We may fall off the recruiting/emotional cliff fast. These 4 years could be very difficult.
  13. Ok the word is out. So what does TCU do? How does TCU react? Gonna be interesting to see what the TCU administration will do.
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    Who else are they going to choose? The PAC-12 is probably in need of more help then any of the other conferences right now and everybody will be at 16 when the new TV contracts come calling.
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  15. Surely they have prepared for this situation?
  16. The first three in this order: TCU, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State. The fourth spot is wide open.
  17. First: VBo being quoted anonymously in at least one serious news report I saw tonight, speaking some truth about OU/Texas. Wish he would have gone on the record, but still felt good to think we have a voice (kinda).

    Other thing to keep an eye on: Because of A&Ms handy-work, the SEC is “the destination” all are talking about.

    However, with the merry go round now spinning, the conference TCU and others should really be watching (not for TCU membership per se, but how they choose to act)?

  18. They don't have to expand... there are really no strong options for the Pac 12. Each option has downsides.
  19. Why do you think we pushed the east side through? That annual premium revenue is relegation insurance.

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