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And did it all in spite of a poorly called offensive game.

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I predict another breakout game on the ground as well.....got to believe in this game they're gonna give Josh the green light to scramble when necessary and probably have a few called running plays.
He may have hurt his left shoulder on last play of first half. We lined up to run another play. I think the coaches in the press box saw it and let the clock run. Hope I'm wrong


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The confidence that Hoover has been cultivating these last few weeks with both Wiley and Williams is going to make next Friday's season finale in Norman an event to behold. I predict another breakout game through the air that will give the Sooner secondary fits. Can't wait!
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The 3 yard score was an important play, both in the game and heading into OU. Even the threat of a QB run could help. Teams are really bottling up Bailey last few games, especially up the middle.
All Bailey needs is a tiny gap, but our line hasn’t be able to open one for him lately. Teams are selling out to stop the run against us. When Bailey bumps his run to the outside, it’s lights out. Good thing is, when teams sellout to stop Bailey, The Vac kills them with his arm. We have a QB, folks!
These last two games against Texas and baylor sure have given me hope against OU and for next season. Say this prayer tonight,
“Oh Lord, please send us another Jared Wiley.”
Spit Blood ~~<~<and hahahaha baylor!!

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Yeah, sounds like it. Didn't work out well for da bears though....which brings D. Aranda judgement into question.
Aranda didn’t have much to lose in this game by going for 4th and long in his own territory, but failing and having Bailey take one of the two for a long scoring run on the next play, may have sealed his fate for sure. Wonder if they leet him on the bus?


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Per GoFrogs:

*Josh Hoover became the second Power 5 quarterback (C.J. Stroud, Ohio State) since 2019 to pass for at least 400 yards in two of his opening five starts. He is also the first from the Big 12 to accomplish the feat since 2019.

*Hoover's 82.8 completion percentage (24-of-29) ranked sixth for a game in TCU history. He passed for 412 yards and two touchdowns with no interceptions.

*Hoover had a 3-yard touchdown run for his first career rushing score and a 22-yard carry for the second-longest run of his career.

*Jared Wiley set a TCU tight end record with his career-best 178 yards receiving. He set a career-high with seven receptions while tying another personal mark with two touchdowns.

*Wiley's 178 receiving yards are the most by a Big 12 tight end since at least 1996 and the most in a game nationally this season by a player at that position.

*Wiley's 81-yard touchdown catch was the longest reception of his career, surpassing his previous best of 52 yards against TCU while playing for Texas in 2020. He later added a 28-yard scoring grab.
Given all the other issues would have been nice to see Wiley get alot more passes this year.