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High School Football Starts Tonight

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Froglaw, Aug 28, 2020.

  1. Alabama HS playing now on ESPN News.

    Texas starts tonight as well.

    Wish it was not 104!
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    curious what the talking heads at espn that have spoken out against colleges playing football this fall feel about their network broadcasting high school games

    just because the games are being played don't mean you have to broadcast them if you truly believe it is wrong or is this just another case of do as i say and not as i do
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  3. So awesome...Democrat politicians are losing their minds. Watching Wimberley/Canyon Lake on TV here in Austin....almost full crowd.

    Let's get back to normal and put this BS overhyped disease behind us...
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  4. all i know is a running back for a team in south alabama got blown up by the safety and it was actually nice to see for the sake it was life back to normal (including the bad helmet to helmet call made by the official)
  5. utah has had high school games for three freaking weeks and we have pro leagues and college conferences who keep falling over themselves

    how the hell do high schools in utah have the resources and brain power to come to a solution that eludes the big 10, the pac, and the mlb and nba
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  6. high school in utah just converted back to back fake punts on the same drive.

    waiting to see duplicate numbers on the field at the same time to complete the tcu special teams snafu bingo card
  7. great hit. Horrible call. Officials in mid-season form
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  8. This Utah game is fun. Standard 3, 4th down conversions (two fake punts) on that TD drive for the underdogs to take the lead
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  9. did anyone else see the accidental irony of the story of the byu freshman quarterback who enrolled early but his mother insisted he still do some of the normal high school things such as going to the prom?

    two dates huh? hmmmmm.........
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  10. Gotta say while I know it’s high school football in Utah this QB from Corner Cayon is.pretty impressive
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  11. Ignoring all the dumbass political posts, it's really good if we can get high school football up and running. Football is a phenomenal character builder for young men and a great community tie-in. Watched Decatur-Argyle tonight and felt almost normal.
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  12. Agree. Other than hating SMU blue and red, politics has no place in my thread.

    Froglaw declares this a pure purple zone!
  13. not sure if anyone saw the story, but tragically a high school football player from guthrie outside lubbock died after suffering heat stroke in the middle of august.

    one thing that seemed odd was that he passed at texas children's in houston

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