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Herman Getting Walking Papers From CDC?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by wilson912, Nov 27, 2020.

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    1) UT is leaving the XII after 2024-25 -joins the BigTen or SEC or some new West Coast Conference
    2) TCU's current and recent mediocrity (poor-ish XII record) leads us to be a "without" again when the Power Five become the "Power Four and casts aside 3-4-5 schools that are currently "in."

    I hope not.

    Gary needs to juice up the O. Even Jim Shoffner's offenses weren't THIS bad! (Did Virginia Frog really compare Gary to Shoffner?)
  2. I heard she toured Saban's former house
  3. ut will never leave the pond where they're the big fish to go to a conference where they aren't special. The money is best here and money still talks.
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  4. Not anymore.
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  5. Like my friend Tom Petty said "Its good to be King".
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  6. Surly talks a lot about leaving the conference. They blame their weak program on the B12. I don't get it. UT would get killed in the SEC. Heck, they get killed in the B12. They really do need a coach. Personally, I hope they don't find one, cuz GO FROGS!!!
  7. Texas..regardless of whatever conference they go to, they will be the big fish..the depth of athletic programs there are far more than just football...CDC moving there was not a lateral move... as much as I hate to say it,,,
  8. We’ll only know that after GP retires or gets run off.
  9. You’d be surly too if you once were king and get slapped around like a mere commoner...
  10. Not if there myriad of programs don’t perform. UT’s blue blood castle was built on the bodies of usually crappy SWC foes such as TCU, Rice, SMU, TT, Baylor, Texas Always Mediocre with their only two regularly competitive foes Arkie and Okie.
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  11. what is his record in the big 12 the last 5 years? Sure he beat up on Mountain West and WAC teams but he hasn’t exactly been killing it lately.
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  12. Other than OU, nobody in the B12 has been killing it.
  13. True, but relative to program expectations and history, I'd say Iowa State is kind of killing it right now. This will be their fourth winning season in a row, which hasn't happened for them since they joined the Big 6 in 1928. It's pretty impressive what they've done with that program over the past 5 years.
  14. Perhaps that is just an indication of the weakness of the conference. They also lost to Univ of Louisiana Lafayette by 17, which was a bit of a killer.
  15. I experience the 70's, 80's and 90's as well. TCU Administration at that time did not attempt to be a successful football school. They didn't put the money into the program to compete properly. That is certainly not the case now. I doubt the people who have donated millions for the Stadium, and other facilities would stand for a regression back to those days. At least I hope so.
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  16. Lots of headlines and stories on this topic, most saying he should be gone. One headline had him saying he does not believe he will be fired this season.
  17. Small silver lining of utx to sec would be aggie sadness.
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  18. I suspect that near term at least, LSU, 'Bama and Auburn will pretty much insure aggie sadness.
  19. I don't think so. Not so big a fish in the B1G or SEC. Especially without the LHN.
  20. number of athletic programs has no factor on the sway texas carries in any conference.

    they were, are, and will be a big fish simply because of the butts in the seats, eyeballs on the screen, and dollars spent on the major sports.

    what texas doesn't understand is those advantages will get diminished a bit if and when they are doing directly head to head with THE ohio state or bama in direct competition and not just recruiting

    texas would be better suited in football staying in the big 12 and pushing for an auto bid for p5 conference winners with additional spots filled by selection and actually winning on the field instead of going to the big 10 or sec, but those arrogant [ #2020 ]s for some reason don't grasp that idea

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