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Help us plan the 2019 State of the Frogdom

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Ryann Zeller, Mar 14, 2019 at 9:07 PM.

  1. Help us plan this year's State of the Frogdom.


    2017 was at Fred's (Bluebonnet Circle has more parking now.)
    2018 was at Acre Distillery (these people were wonderful to work with) and we all had a whiskey shot, so that's going to be hard to top.

    Where would you like to have it this year? Parking and proximity to TCU are important.

    WHEN: We always have it the day before (Friday) our 1st game, during lunch. We were considering having it the week before the 1st game... yay or nay?

    SPEAKERS: ADJD, Coach Schloss, Coach Dixon, Coach Pebly, etc... who do you want to hear from?
    Volleyball and Football are in season so those coaches aren't typically available.

    Thank you in advance.
    Go Frogs!
  2. I would like to hear from the rifle coach and the tennis coach. Seriously

    Location is not a big deal. If I can be in town, I’ll come.
  3. Concur.
    And ask about the Equestrian coach.
    Latest KFC fashion w/ShowGirl models.
    (steam pile not invited)
    And invite Scotty’s wife.
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  4. Cosign on no Muck. Enjoyed having Gil last year.

    I also agree about location. Both of the last two were great. Maybe Firestone & Robinson Distillery would be good, but may be pricier. Not sure what they have in the way of food.

    Roditi was great several years ago when he came.

    I like the day before the first game, personally, but if doing it a week earlier makes it possible for CGP to come it would be good to do. I'd like to ask him his handle on KF.c.
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  5. Agreed on Muck. Location is a secondary concern. Love seeing old friends and making new ones.
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  6. No Mac Engel. That guy sucks.
  7. Sipping bourbon at last year’s event was very cool. But for overall setup, Fred’s on the circle is a better setup for the event imo.
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  8. I vote for having it at either the Plaid Pig, the Hop or the Hi Hat Lounge. Those places are great and I haven’t been to any of them in years. Hopefully they still have the same vibe.
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  9. My favorite Kf.c luncheon was at Mama's Pizza on Berry.
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  10. Wow! That was a bunch of years ago...

    Might I suggest Rahr Brewery? Fritz is a good Froggish fellow, and brews some fine beers. Plus, the location is excellent and there is plenty of room. Food would be an issue, as they have no kitchen and usually rely on a flock of food trucks for grub.
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  11. Maybe we could cater in at one of these places with no kitchen. I do like the idea of a brewery or distillery for the luncheon. I'm taking either a full or half day off that day anyway so getting loaded won't disrupt anything with work.
  12. I hear The Smoke Pit has good BBQ.
  13. Would love to see Jon Bonnell do the food... Maybe at the alumni center? if not there, Fred's-circle hard to beat for TCU proximity. FWIW, I went to Wild Acre Brewing yesterday evening (strictly for information-gathering purposes), and they have a fantastic setup- beats Rahr's IMO because there is a huge outdoor space for games and whatnot. I have *heard* that their beer is very good, too. I like Fritz, and love what they are but their physical facility has struck me as pretty crude. Haven't been in for a couple years though, so my info may be outdated.
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  14. Wild Acre is a great spot. A fantastic Saturday can be had by parking your car once between Wild Acre, Texas Silver Star Vodka, and Trinity River Distillery.

    I disagree about the Rahr set-up. It's far better than it used to be. Wild Acre has a better outdoor space, but the Rahr space isn't crude like it once was.
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  15. Egad, gentlemen! This sounds like a research team must be formed, stat!
  16. Immediately pictured Val Kilmer saying "Huckleberry."
  17. Might want to check out Rogers Roadhouse as possible venue.
  18. Anybody been to Mopac? Hate the name, but location is great and building sure looks nice.
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    I've driven Mopac--does that count?
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  20. Def no Muck.

    What about Joe T Garcia’s?

    It would be cool if the equipment folk were there, talked through gameday prep and let us simple folk take pics with the new unis
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