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Heisman finalists

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by jake102, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. TCU has played against four of the six Heisman finalists the past two years (Mayfield, Love, Murray, Haskins).

    And likely both of the winners. (OU = Heisman U)

    Tough sledding for GP and the defense. Oh and we have actually played five games against them due to the CCG.

    Just terrible luck playing Ohio State the year after mediocre JT Barrett leaves after his four year stint.
  2. Played Mayfield 3 times in 2 years. I hated that SOB but dammit he was an elite college QB.
  3. Oh scheisse!

    Just saw this posted on the board members chat of a local baseball and softball association that I am on.

  4. Both winners? When did we play Tua?
  5. And, if Kyler Murray wins, will Texas A&M announce that Murray joins John David Crow as Aggie Heisman winners?
  6. I think Kyler might have locked it up over the weekend. He's now the Vegas favorite after being -500 before the weekend.

    Purp, you still think Kyler might not be all that?
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  7. Yeah Kyler is the favorite to win. Tua looked awful against Georgia
  8. Think Tua holds Saban responsible for getting passed up considering he didn’t play in the 4th quarter majority of the season? Or so we were told he didn’t, I haven’t watched any Bama football until this past Saturday.
  9. Tua certainly didn't help himself too much...but SEC! They'll label Kyler a "system" QB since he plug and played into the OU offense without a hitch.
  10. I hear ya on the SEC front, but I don't think that's the case in the Heisman. Also, breaking the previous Heisman winner's records (total yards), being the first QB to ever average over 300 passing and 60 rushing/game, and having the highest QBR of all-time is hard to ignore. I think it was pretty obvious that Kyler meant more to his team than Tua.
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  11. Haven’t really heard it mentioned, but can you imagine if Rodney Anderson hadn’t gotten hurt? Sermon and co have been adequate, but Anderson was next level.
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  12. Radio broadcast said Tua had only thrown three passes in the 4Q before the CCG game.
  13. Must be a mistake, I don’t see Sam Ehlinger on that list.
  14. Sweatergod I read this post and thought I’d accidentally clicked on the “top ten most overhyped products of the millennium” thread.
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  15. FIFY
  16. Kyler is good. Better than I expected. I was wrong. I'll even say better than Bakefield. I think Bakefield was better at extending plays, but Kyler didn't have to do that. He just escapes and runs and nobody can catch him. And he can throw on the run too. I'm more impressed with Kyler b/c he did it without Bakefield's weapons, particularly at the TE spot.
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  17. murray has a few weapons surrounding him as well so don't make it sound like baker had all the weapons and kyler is making chicken salad out of chicken [ steaming pile of Orgeron ].

    he is a much bigger weapon running the ball, but doesn't have the arm strength of baker and i think that is where the difference lies in regards to an nfl future.

    murray showed a lack of arm strength at times against texas last week and that is the closest he has come to an nfl secondary. in the end he got the best of texas and he will most college teams.
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  18. That “close to an nfl secondary” was 113th in pass yards allowed this season.
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    boyd and davis will both go in the nfl draft next year and in a few years so will starnes and foster.

    texas tried to play the ou receivers man up and they got beat, but a large portion of that was the inability to stop the ou run game early in the game which brought the safeties up and opened the passing game.
  20. Murray is good but damn, he's probably played in less than 5 games in his life where his team didn't have a decided talent advantage over their opponent, so it's really hard to tell exactly how good he is. Seriously, other than maybe a game or two at Texas A&M, how many times has he taken a snap in a game where the 11 guys on the other side of the line of scrimmage were as good as the guys on his side?

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