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Heisman finalists

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by jake102, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. Don’t Starnes & Foster have a mattress business to run?
  2. Not exactly sure what kind of depth they had this year, but they lose all three starting D-lineman plus Wheeler, Johnson and Locke who were kind of in the next line of defense. I'm sure they have some talent on the roster but that's a lot of losses to absorb at one time, wouldn't surprise me to see their defense take a step back next year. Their secondary will be stacked though, they've recruited so well there.
  3. Not much to go on this year. Nobody head and shoulders above the others.


    Haskins has the best stats but the worst record.

    Murray......impressive but will they pick two from the same school back to back??

    Alabama is Alabama so he will probably win.

    Haskins will be my selection
  4. both did put a few people to sleep this year and that is a misspelling on my part as it should be stearns .

    i hate mensa and don't like texas, but those two young safeties can freaking play.
  5. By "close to an NFL secondary" he meant that the UT players drove by the Cowboys training facility in Frisco on Friday afternoon.
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  6. laugh all you want. any bets on how many of that secondary end up in the nfl
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  7. I can laugh only ten minutes per day, which is far less than the amount that I want to laugh. Circumstances dictate that I cannot comply with your demands. My apologies.
  8. Made a similar comment in September. I’m convinced no one on here has ever bought a mattress before.
  9. Very few can match our wit and intellect.
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  10. I would bank on #7, the others didn’t impress me enough to notice them.
  11. Crazy how Kyler Murray threw for 4,000 yards and 40 touchdowns while only averaging 26 passes per game.
  12. you mean like at a store?
  13. We’ll go with that.
  14. Just wait. He'll be on the 2019 preseason favorites list for it. Along with being on the cover of Texas Football.
  15. I suspect the Ohio State qb is going to win the Heisman
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