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Hats off to the defense

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Frognosticator, Dec 5, 2020.

  1. They saved the game. Excellent 2nd half.
  2. We have some young guys figuring it out. I give a ton of credit to Gonzales for having Caesar and THT ready with the injuries at that position.
  3. Thought we tackled better today than we have all year. Makes a huge difference.
  4. Ceaser has been getting a lot thrown his way and some questionable and not so questionable calls but he refuses to shy away from playing tough.
  5. Yeah he gets after it. So does THT. We need more of that.
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  6. That PI call on him in the endzone was attrocious.
  7. Plays called allowed the freedom for offense. The defense made an adjustment at half and took over Okla state offensive stars. Defense gained confidence. The defense caught fire and were having fun. Everyone got BETTER. Special teams, offensive line, and THE DEFENSE, Secondary everything. It was so special compared to what we have seen prior games.

    I think TCU's most complete game so far. This time Kill came thru!!!!!!!!!! Just love, love, love the confidence those kids had!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I'd give the game ball to our punter.
  9. Fantastic defensive effort today. There's a lot of good things that could be said but nothing stands out to me more than the fact we won the game while committing 5 turnovers. No way that happens without some great defense being played.
  10. Yea, maybe my memory is bad but this feels like the first game in a while that Gary’s defense got the save. It used to be routine. It has been the main reason I was starting to wonder about the future but this was excellent.
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  11. This was my take from the game too.

    This looked like a TCU defense. Good game guys.
  12. Dare I say, I’m started to get excited about next year.
  13. Agree! Way to go "D"!
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  14. All Hail Caesar! ( Yeh I know, too easy).
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  15. I keep saying it on the podcast, but Caesar's path reminds me a lot of Texada's during the 2014 season.
  16. Yes. When we absolutely needed it, he cannoned a ball back a long ways.
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  17. It felt like the defense had their swagger back today. You could see it by how physical they were. Hard hitting and throwing guys to the ground.
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  18. TCU forced OSU to turn the ball over twice on downs and once by INT in the fourth quarter.

    That's CGP defense! Those who keep calling for his head need to hold their water...

    Go Frogs!
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  19. Billy Wessels just posted on Twitter:

    "Crazy stat on this TCU defense: Oklahoma State had four drives after a TCU turnover, the Cowboys had three points and nine total yards on those four drives. Talk about stepping up."

    Go Frogs!
  20. One of the worst calls I’ve seen.
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