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Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by BillupsFrog, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. Stay hard, Jim Riscky.
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  2. This is probably the best advice.

    I think he doesn't live in a traditional neighborhood, but a more open area on county roads where everybody has several acres.
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  3. Former Auburn linebacker (now at Eastern Kentucky) Michael Harris bodyslamming an officer.
  4. Probably not at Eastern Kentucky. much longer.
  5. We probably should've moved and may end up doing so. Since we couldn't find a house we liked last year, we spent a lot of money putting in a pool/spa to help with my wife's recovery and redoing out backyard so she could enjoy it. It sucks that we'll have to move because of inconsiderate jerks who know that someone's been shot in our neighborhood and yet they won't just pay $10 and drive a mile to shoot at a range.

    We already live in a suburban neighborhood inside the city limits. Unfortunately, according to our city's facebook group, people hear gunshots all over town. I don't know where we could go to escape it.

    We've had bad stuff happen everywhere we've lived, so it's hard to believe a new house won't bring about a new set of problems.

    It's not the sound of the gunshots that bothers my wife as much as just not knowing who's shooting and what direction they're shooting. We both learned to shoot at an early age. The idea that someone would be target shooting without using a backstop and taking the time to make sure they weren't shooting in the direction of houses was completely foreign to us. What we've learned is that Johnson County is full of a bunch or inconsiderate idiots who don't know how to handle a firearm, are horrible neighbors, and is run by corrupt leadership.

  6. Sounds like y’all are right in that space that’s still somewhat rural so the people that have been there a long time still assume those things are ok to do, but the development has progressed to the point it’s not rural enough anymore for it to still be safe.

    City government isn’t keeping up with the growth it sounds like.
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  7. The biggest news of the day.
  8. I haven’t finished season 3 yet so I’m not clicking on that.
  9. Oh god no. DO NOT.
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  11. Same. My 6th grader actually cried.
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  12. Dude, the letter he wrote that was read at the wnd of Season 3...I had serious allergy attack when that happened...
  13. For @nwlafrog . Sorry bud. I lost my other grandpa 6 weeks ago. Sucks not having grandpas. This song hits me every time.

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  14. On the music subject. For the longest time I disliked John Pardi bc I thought he was an industry plant. Now, I jam the dude.

    Same with ol’ Post Malone, albeit a different genre.

    Also hate hick-hop, but Upchurch stays on my playlists.
  15. Bump from 2017
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  16. Feel the same way about Pardi. I don’t follow him closely or anything, but he has some good songs.

    post Malone is great as well. I saw him get interviewed and he wasn’t anything like I thought he would be.
  17. Never heard of Pardi B.

    However, I might be persuaded to give Tattoo face a shot but you also can’t stand classic 90s grunge rock like Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, or Nirvana.

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  18. Still cracks me up Post Malone went to my high school.
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  19. Pardi has some fun tunes. Took me a while to come around but he's got some jams.

    Same with Old Dominion. We've been in Calgary the last few days and saw them at the Saddledome Friday night. One of the best concerts I've ever been to, despite the crazy Canadian dude next to me talking the whole time and the girl next to my wife puking on her. I got into them about 6 months ago and they didn't disappoint. They played their hits and in the middle did an acoustic set of the songs they wrote that others sang and took to the top of the charts. I would expect them to be as big in the next decade as Alabama was in the 80s. They just have that vibe.
  20. It’s not my fault I’m one of the few people of my generation to see at the time that the rock of our era sucked. Just a bunch of dooshy dooshbags making dooshy music.

    Let’s make our voice gravelly and wear flannel and be all angsty... turble

    90’s hip hop and 90’s country? Fantastic

    90’s alt-rock/grunge? The worst

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