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Harry Potter Actor Daniel Radcliffe rumor this morning...

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by abtobrk88, Jan 17, 2020.

  1. Fake news?
  2. why else would someone create a new account to notify this board harry potter died and only provide a hyperlink?
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  3. Sorry for ending my post with a question mark lol. You're right. Weird.
  4. In before the avadacadabra jokes. (I have a kid, sue me).
  5. philosopher's stone can cure anything.........maybe even cumbie's offense
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  6. We already have a thread for this type of stuff.
  7. Oh and you joked about my Oxford Blues reference?
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  8. That thing is still in the Forbidden Forest somewhere.
  9. This thread sucks.
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  10. kinda like a demontor's kiss where you will feel like you never will be happy again....
  11. Expecto Patronum!........ whoa, turns out my patronus is Gary.
  12. If you’ll give me even odds, I’ll bet you that at least 17 more people have seen one of the Harry Potter movies than have seen Oxford Blues. Might even talk me into taking the bet at 18 more people.
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  13. ... I'm one of the 17
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  14. Loved oxford blues - but cutting the fenders on that Tbird still makes me sad
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  15. "I don't even know what a danged horcrux is!!"
    -me, as my kids are trying to explain something about Harry Potter

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  16. as long as hermione is still alive we are fine.
  17. GP would be an awesome Patronus. He would just appear and start talking until the threat shook its head in confusion and limped away
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  18. *improper apostrophe but again, I’m a full C-note per year member with no edit function

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