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Happy Birthday Woo

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by The Artist Formerly Known as PhormerPhrog, Jun 1, 2019.

  1. Five years ago today the Woo was born. It appears to be a dying tradition but it was one helluva run that began on a night I'll never forget.

    I was sitting atop the 2nd deck with Satis, Spike, Jsauce, FTWFrog, Nathan (he's been gone so long I forgot his handle) and CDS may have even been there too. I know Leo (whatever happened to him) and FrogsMagee were down below. Scott, Wes and Sean, of course, were there.

    One hell of a game. Hell of a time with some fellow frogs. #woo
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  2. Gracias. How could I forget?
  3. It’s all those weed threads you’ve been reading.
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  4. I like satis and Wes. Sean's ok, I guess. I don't know the others.

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  5. Why did he stop posting on here?
  6. He got married and moved to Dallas. Guess he doesn't have time for losers.
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  7. *Loosers
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  8. Never forget that night. My dad and little brother left in the 14th or 15th. Was fun to watch Sam Houston’s players get more and more pissed as the Wooo got louder and louder
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  9. The Serbian or the Croatian?
  10. Know exactly who started. Now people Woo for a pitch that's called a ball.
  11. That was a good day. Er, night. Plus morning.
  12. With all due respect to the Woo lovers, I hope it dies a graceful death. Yes I am a TCU fan. So annoying! :mad:
  13. -4
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  14. When done correctly, it might be my favorite thing TCU fans do.
  15. giphy.gif
  16. We left after 14 too. My son was barely a year old then. After tailgating and that much baseball it was time to get him to bed. We held put as long as possible. We were there for the start of the wooooooo, though. Just on the 3rd base side.
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