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Great D Will Lead TCU Back

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by steelfrog, Jan 21, 2020.

  1. The TCU D wasn't good this year.

    This year, the O was in the top half of NCAA D1 (130 teams) in both scoring O and yards O:

    Yards per game: 359.2 (62nd) Points per game: 29.5 (54th)

    The Defense on the other hand, was not in the top half in scoring O and was behind--just in the Big 12--Baylor, Kansas State, Iowa State, Okie State and Texas. Bottom half of B12. You might argue, well those teams had better offenses than TCU; and you'd be wrong. Kansas State was worse and 3 of the others offenses scored only a point or two more than TCU O.

    Yards per game: 349.6 (28th) Points per game: 28.2 (66th)

    2019 was TCU's worst D in the Gary/B12 era. By Gary's standard, turrible. He didn't earn his money in 2019.

    However, Gary's Ds since joining the B12 in 2012 have been either 1 or 2 in yards allowed every year, and while 2019 was bad (worst in B12 era), for the most part scoring D has also been top 3.

    The great D will be back; if the coaches can get the O just a little better, should see double digit wins this coming year.

    Everything is good so long as we BEAT UT!
  2. i will let others debate with you whether gary earned his money as dc for the frogs last year, but in regards to whether this was gary's worst defense since joining the big 12 that would actually be the 2016 group.

    the 2016 was the most porous run defense gary has had allowing almost 188 yards per game, 4.2 yards per rush, and over 5 yards per adjusted rush.

    the unit did have a number of sacks, but precious few interceptions, was 8th in the conference in pass efficiency defense, 9th in 3rd down defense as opponents converted over 44% of the time on 3rd down in 2016, and last in red zone defense.

    all that aside there were some games this year were the frogs needed key defensive stops to protect a lead late (yes, yes, the offense should have put more points on the board etc..) and they couldn't get the stop.

    big part of that was lack of consistent pass rush and a position could be made this was gary's least effective group of defensive ends and linebackers since joining the big 12
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  3. Are you on your meds again or something?
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  4. He musta spent the night at a holiday inn.
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  5. And appeared many, many times to just quit when they 'touch' the OL.
  6. I don't think we can honestly predict anything other than a slow start, again, then improve in time to play Tex. This is not just the defense but the whole team. If this incoming team could practice for a long-long time before we play, my attitude would improve greatly. You just cannot cover all the holes in a short period of spring and summer practice. And they still have to learn and remember new def signals and hopefully some new thoughtful, creative offensive formations that have a chance to succeed. Don't forget how to run a passing route and catch the ball. The coach's have to get their collective act together, so.....
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  7. Uhhh this makes no sense. Scoring offense was #7 in Big 12 and scoring defense was #4

    Not to even start on how worthless "scoring" offense and defensive stats are.
  8. [​IMG]

    Steel, [ What the heck? ] happened to you man, your ass used to be beautiful.......
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  9. will be very interesting to watch the defense develop over the first month of the season.

    think they don't have a defensive tackle that we know right now has the ability of ross, but the pair of bethley and cooper is very solid and there is potential inside.

    mathis and colt finished the year playing better, but they have to get better against the point of attack in the run and more consistent rushing the passer. would be very nice if the frogs could find a 4th de to rotate as well.

    wallow is a known at lb though i like him better playing out against the slot and in space versus playing the more traditional role behind the defensive line. ben wilson from the start of the year would be really nice and it will be interesting to see how fast the juco hodge picks up the scheme.

    safety looks to be the position with the fewest questions with the quartet of moehrig, van zandt, bradford, and washington. very interested in watching trevon and ar'darius take the next steps at safeties.

    finally corner will be interesting with stewart and hodges-tomlinson the most experienced at the position. a number of questions at the position. can daniels get and stay healty? does tony wallace actually exist? will stewart and hodges-tomlinson hold up against bigger receivers? what about someone like collins or jenkins?

    not sure what challenge cal will pose offensively to open the season. prarrie view better be a glorified scrimmage or that doesn't bode well for the year. smu will return enough talent with a few additions to stress the defense again in some key match ups against the corners and linebackers/de's

    that takes up to game 4 which is ok state in fort worth which right now looks like as big an offensive challenge as the frogs will face next year with hubbard, wallace, the receivers, returning talent on the offensive line and a scheme that can stress the frogs.
  10. I think we were 2 average to above average DEs away from having a great defense last year. That position just absolutely killed us.
  11. definitely agree the first half of the year when the frogs struggled against the run and pass.

    back half they got more consistent play against the run, but could not just get the big play against the pass.

    few other holes in the defense bit them in the butt last year as they had some young players get forced into roles i am not sure they were quite ready for last season.
  12. Weird post. From all Steel's prior rantings about Gary, would never have known what a big fan he is of Gary's D.
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  13. ....should see double digit wins this coming year. That’s a good one. Well played.
  14. Steel must have used the wrong account when posting this.
  15. Actually defense has always been the unit that kept us on track. Offense when it was hot go more publicity but defense is or was our rock. The difficulty is that the last two years that unit has had very slow starts but finished the year doing much better.

    The thing is that we just do not have the senior core this next season to rely upon.
    There are many young players with potential but potential takes time to develop. I do not judge a team in January but I find it hard to see this group right now "leading us back".
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  16. Actually Steel set out to write a post that excoriated the "myth" of GP great defenses. Research proved that the myth is a reality, and that 2019 is (hopefully) an aberration.

    Every year in the B12 TCU D yards per game has been 1 or 2. If the O and ST can at least do enough to keep our opponents' offenses honest and looking at long fields, we should see a bunch of wins.

    Could be wrong though. Have been before. Will be again.
  17. I have a great D. I'm 100% positive that none of you can testify to the negative.

    Hopefully, our football TEAM excels on the field next season. The crapshow is getting old already.
  19. yes I agree.

    My thoughts, we seem to be trending toward a cycle of a good team once every four to five years. Of course that's liquid which can change a cycle if only one .. two... or three really skilled players just break away and carry an offense or defense. If your a coach, that's a dream.. one of those moments you sit in your car going home and think...if only Smith and... Jones would step it up just a little. What is it, 1,400 in the NFL out of 20,000 thousand kids? More and more I realize how lucky we were with Andy's bunch!!!
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