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Great D Will Lead TCU Back

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by steelfrog, Jan 21, 2020.

  1. Cite your sources. I don't remember ever hearing that. Only thing I can really think of is "people" saying Mathis could be the best DE we've had
  2. I heard it was maybe the "fastest" defense we've ever had. Fast obviously doesn't mean "best", it's still football not track.
  3. DMN Quote below...
    "During a radio interview on 88.7 FM KTCU last fall, Patterson said that Mathis could be the best defensive end to ever play at TCU by the time his college playing career is over. "

    Important to read the time table portion of the quote.
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  4. I'm not going to completely rule out the possibility that it might come true, but he'll have to massively improve. Thinking back, I'm not sure how good some of our best DEs would have been if they were forced into starting roles their second year on campus. But watching the Iowa State game made me wonder if he'll ever have the motor he needs, that was honestly the most lame effort I've ever seen a football player (much less a TCU player) have over the course of a game.
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  5. Some good, solid, long-lasting D will lead to a Big O.

    Our D needs to stand strong and penetrate effectively if we want to have a chance.
  6. Mathis has been getting the QB treatment. You look at a kids arm strength and mobility/speed and project him to be the next great QB. As you pointed out, physical ability can't make up for a bad motor or a rock head. I'm not saying Mathis is any of those things but he has a long way to go to even be in the top 50 best defensive ends ever to play at TCU. I remember a play at KSU where he was lined up at SDE and they ran a counter read right at him. The OT turned him and literally drove him across the field to the far side hash mark. He just wasn't ready last year. Hopefully it was just growing pains and he'll learn from it.
  7. mathis last year at times seem to be struggling not only standing up to an offensive lineman , but you could almost see him thinking through his keys instead of just reacting.

    not picking on him on the second as it gets pretty damn complicated with some of these rpo's far, far, far cry from the keys we read back in my day in high school when a wide open team threw 10-12 times a game.
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  8. My D has been leading me around for 40ish years. Not sure if it’s great but it’s good enough for me.
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  9. At the moment, B- or so.
  10. It will be interesting to see what Jerry Kill does, working with Gary from a coaches overview standpoint. A head coach working with a head coach, his best man at his wedding. This could be really good for TCU football.
  11. It surely won't hurt. Kill is really a nice guy, respected football mind by seasoned coach's and we could use some good sage advice not so influenced by the technical side of defensive football. I see Kelsey's
    influence all over Kill's employment.
  12. first, that was not the starters at the end of the year and there were a number of rotation guys who got playing time.

    colt ellison was opposite mathis, parker workman was the third in the rotation at defensive end, cooper was part of the three man rotation at linebacker, dee winters-wyatt harris-ben wilson all started at linebacker opposite wallow, kenyon stewart started some games at corner, nook bradford played a great deal, and ar'darius washington played enough and did enough to be named freshman all american

    if you are going to get online info about frogs roster go to go frogs. might not always be up to date, but more accurate than most online sites
  13. If you look at the last 3-4 games of the year, it's pretty clear that while we are losing 5 vet contributors in Gladney, Scott, Gaines, Ross, and Lewis. Not all those guys were in the starting lineup at the end of the year. Gaines and Lewis were gone from injury (Gaines) or gotten passed (Lewis) well before the end of the year. IMO we are really only losing just Ross, Gladney, and Scott.

    Washington will take over full time for Scott..That leads our only real holes at CB1 (Gladney) and DT1 (Ross). I'm nervous about who can fill those roles because they are critical. All that to say it's closer to 8 returning starters on Def. While the young guys have to make a move. I think we can be a solid top 3-4 unit in the league again next year.
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