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GP: screw you Mac

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by froginmn, Jul 15, 2019.

  1. I don't think he hates TCU, I just think he's devoid of any real insight so he posts and writes stupid things to try to get a reaction.

    Case in point he tweeted today that TCU has six guys vying for the QB spot, and said:

    If you have six QBs you have none

    Of course, every program has multiple players at every position, so that tweet was complete idiocy.
  2. Devoid of real insight is a legit view of him. But it is why he and others are that way that is the problem. Too many in the journalist world just want to see OU and texas as the top of the league. So it is easier to write about. This laziness is displayed in the articles he puts out.
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  3. I agree with the second point, but ask yourself a question: What the heck IS he here for? Seriously.
    To Inform? (Fail) Rarely, if ever has anything he has written had "news" content.
    To Enlighten? (Fail) Do his "articles" provoke thought on a deeper level? Or at all? Not that I've ever noticed.
    To Entertain? (Fail) Ever get a chuckle from his writing? Or just irritated at the failed, snide attempt at smarmy humor? IMO, his stuff pretty much ALWAYS falls into the, "swing and a miss," category.

    Maybe I'm just excessively Old School, but Inform, Enlighten, or Entertain are the only reasons I can think of for newspapers, and their, "writers" to exist.

    I think what makes it even worse is, that there have been so many good-to-great ones come through Fort Worth, some of whom would no doubt love to have the opportunity he continually wastes.
  4. And remember...without liberals, there can be no conservatives....Not a political statement, just a statement of fact....
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  6. He doesn't hate TCU...he just writes these articles because he knows it gets him the most attention.

    He is darning awful....
  7. He’s currently a part time professor as well
  8. He’s currently a [ profanity ] as well
  9. [QUOTE="Billy Clyde, post: 2735055, member: 73690"
    there have been so many good-to-great ones come through Fort Worth, some of whom would no doubt love to have the opportunity he continually wastes.[/QUOTE]
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    This is correct, of course. Nothing of real value to say, so he goes the cheap route and tries to manufacture some bit of drama. Like a comedian with no real wit who just cusses and talks about sex a lot. He’s basically Kathy Griffin...telling the newspaper version of a vagina joke.
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  11. "Did we quit when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?"
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  12. I liked your post Wes.

    I still won't read Muck's ramblings in the land of burnt orange giants stomping on every other school in the nation.

    Just me.
  13. Sometime in my lifetime the big $$$ in journalism made a move from truth and professionalism to bomb throwing. For everyone except Muck. He keeps tossing those grenades but still ultimately destined for the Thrifty Nickel.
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  14. Sadly, mostly true.
    Bring back The Newsroom! (HBO)
  15. 1000 digs & backhanded complements later, not sure how he is allowed on campus.
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  16. His articles rarely entertain me, but the multiple page posts of everyone getting triggered by mean newspaper man and wanting his press pass revoked or banned from campus never fails to give me a chuckle.
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  17. No kidding. Bunch of snowflakes on here :cool:
  18. Bunch of Muck lovers as well
  19. He needs a cherry flavored CBD popsicle (or 2). Maybe his writing would be more entertaining then. Or maybe I need the popsicle to find him more entertaining. (Or 2).


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