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GoFrogs: Strong Back Nine Help Frogs to Fourth Place

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, May 15, 2019.

  1. Frogs are looking good, but Triston Fisher just made double to go to +6. That puts pressure on the other four to avoid a big number down the stretch.
  2. Iowa State had a huge collapse today and shot 13 over to finish out of the top 5 by 7 strokes.
  3. wait - you mean UT being 23 strokes ahead of the second place team may somewhat be due to their playing their home course....

    I know they are better - but that is overdoing it a bit
  4. How do the tie breakers work for 5th?
  5. 7-iron's, one swing..........

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  6. Per the tournament manual:

    Individual and Team Tie-breaking Procedures Teams. Ties shall be broken during a sudden-death playoff counting all five scores. ...The games committee will determine the playoff holes.​

    They give two options for carrying out the playoff--the first one sends off teams in two fivesomes, with three players from one team and two from the other in Group A, then vice-versa in Group B.

    The other is a shotgun start over multiple holes, which may be more manageable with 3+ teams.

    Edit: If conditions do not allow for a playoff, they allow for a scorecard tiebreaker. The first tiebreaker is cumulative total of the non-counting scores.
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  7. Arkansas has had to use two bogeys and two doubles on holes 7 and 8 making them 3 shots behind 5th.
  8. Make that 5 shots back for Arkansas after another bogey on 8 and bogey on 9. Their number 4 finished bogey, double, bogey and are having to use that score still.
  9. For the individual title, Chervony and Hammer are in the clubhouse at -9. Mazzoli is -8 with two holes to play. He played those holes even par on day 1 and 1-under on day 2.
  10. Nightmare finish for them. Three under through 15 holes and then +8 on the last three. And to have the other teams coming to your home course for nationals.
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  11. Do you think Fisher stays in the lineup at Nationals?
  12. will be an interesting decision

    Blessings is a lot different course that UT Golf Club

    Probably depends on why he has struggled - ball striking vs distance vs short game
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  13. Mazzoli birdies 8 to get to 9 under and tied for the lead
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  14. Was surprised to see how long Blessings is. Crazy -- 7,900+ yards.

    How does Montigel typically make lineup decisions?
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    I don't think it ever plays anywhere near 7900 - like a lot of modern courses that length gives them the option of stretching holes one day and then moving up 100 yds to next to create a totally different strategy.

    I played a Sr amateur event there last year and we played the tips at around 7450 - which was still crazy long for a bunch of old guys but the pros said that was pretty common. It also has some elevation changes so some of the longer holes have a little down hill.

    It is the greens that are just stupid - they want to be Oakmont. I think I had 4 holes where I was partially turned away from the hole on my first putt to try and lag it close. Makes Squire Creek feel like you are putting on shag carpet.

    I am really not the best person to ask about Montigel's approach - he typically goes with the hot hand and who he feels is striking the ball best it seems, but he does pull out what seems like a random decision about 2-3 times a year that leaves me perplexed.

    However his track record obviously demonstrates he knows how to get the best out of his team even if I sometimes wish the team had more of a drawl when they speak.
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  16. Have a buddy who has played that course and he hates it because of the greens. UT course I’ve heard it’s very gettable if you drive the ball in the right spots. It says it plays 7400 but a lot of that looks to be on the par 3’s, one par 4, and one par 5. Makes sense that Texas knows where to “miss” if there is that many gettable holes. Drive it in the right spot, lot of opportunities with short irons and wedges from what I’ve been told.
  17. Looks like no playoff for individual medalist. Congrats to Stefano Mazzoli and to the Frogs!
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    Decent round with him bogeying first hole of the day
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  19. OK thanks I see what you're saying now

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