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GoFrogs: Strong Back Nine Help Frogs to Fourth Place

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, May 15, 2019.

  1. https://gofrogs.com/news/2019/5/14/mens-golf-strong-back-nine-help-frogs-to-fourth-place.aspx

    Strong Back Nine Help Frogs to Fourth Place

    AUSTIN, Texas – After a rough start, the TCU men's golf team recovered nicely and finished Tuesday's second round of the NCAA Regional at University of Texas Golf Club in fourth place.

    The Horned Frogs shot 18-over on the front nine, totaling just three birdies, but took advantage of the more forgiving back nine and shot 1-under while making 11 birdies. TCU shot 8-over 292 on the day and is six shots better than sixth place USC (+10). The top five teams after Tuesday's final round will advance to the NCAA Championships, held May 24-29 at Blessings Golf Club in Fayetteville, Ark.

    Senior Stefano Mazzoli led the Frogs and finished tied for seventh place. He shot 2-under 34 on the back nine to finish 2-under 69. At 2-under 140, Mazzoli is just two shots behind co-leaders Steven Chervony (-4) and Cole Hammer (-4) of Texas.

    Senior Turner MacLean moved up 14 spots from Monday and finished tied for 15th after shooting 1-under 70.

    Senior David Ravetto began the day tied for second place, but after shooting 6-over 77, he fell and is tied for 21st at 2-over 144. Big 12 Champion Hayden Springer also struggled throughout the round and dropped 33 spots in the standings after shooting 9-over 80.

    The Frogs will begin round three at 8 a.m. They will tee off on the No. 10 hole with Arkansas and USC. Check GolfStat.com and @TCUMensGolf on Twitter for updates throughout the round.

    4. TCU: 280 – 292 = 572 (+4)
    T7. Stefano Mazzoli: 71 – 69 = 140 (-2)
    T15. Turner MacLean: 73 – 70 = 143 (+1)
    T21. David Ravetto: 67 – 77 = 144 (+2)
    T39. Hayden Springer: 69 – 80 = 149 (+7)
    T51. Triston Fisher: 76 – 76 = 152 (+10)

    1. (6) Texas: 552 (-16)
    T2. (#19) Clemson: 568 (E)
    T2. (#18) Pepperdine: 568 (E)
    4. TCU: 572 (+4)
    5. Arkansas: 573 (+5)
    6. (#7) USC: 578 (+10)
    7. Iowa: 580 (+12)
    8. Marquette: 587 (+19)
    9. San Jose State: 594 (+26)
    T10. St. Mary's: 597 (+29)
    T10. UMKC: 597 (+29)
    12. Sam Houston State: 605 (+37)
    T13. Army: 614 (+46)
    T13. Prairie View A&M: 614 (+46)
  2. Since the Frogs are in the top 5 after Tuesday’s round, are they advancing for sure? And do they play the third round for individual medalists.
  3. I don't think so - I think they have to finish in the top 5 but I am not sure.

    I do think it will be good for TCU to be playing with the two teams that they need to stay ahead of - you can't get into a match play mindset on hole 1 (or 10 in this case) but it does allow you to know where you stand and make more strategic decisions later in the round when you can look your opponent in the eye.

    Plus if they can come out of the gate and put the hammer down on the backside - it has the potential to kill the will of USC for a comeback.
  4. They have to stay in the top 5 today. Start 6 shots ahead of USC, who is in 6th. TCU is starting off the back today, so hopefully that will help them get off to a good start. Back has been about 3-4 shots easier than the front.
  5. How convenient for UT to get a 6 seed and host and have a 16 stroke lead at their home course.

    Anyone else played there? I've played it twice and was not impressed. Gets a lot of play too as there were divots everywhere in fairway.
  6. There was a discussion on ESPNU radio about this yesterday and why home courses are used and the massive advantages it gives.
  7. I thought it was weird that the article said “final round Tuesday” but don’t much about team golf.
  8. There are six men's regionals, so it's not especially unjust for UT, as the top seed in its regional, to host. You expect the top seed to advance whether it hosts or not. It's a bigger issue for the competitive balance when a lower-seeded team hosts, as Oklahoma did last week for the women as a 5th seed. (Sooners did not advance.)
  9. TCU up to one over as a team, 8 shots ahead of 6th. Maclean has really saved TCU in the 5th spot the last couple days. He’s birdied 3 straight and 2 under on the round and 1 under for the regional.
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  10. Seven players are within 3 shots of the individual lead as teams approach the turn. One is TCU's Stefano Mazzoli, who is -3 through six holes today, -5 for the tournament. He is two shots back of UT's Steven Chervony, who began on the harder front nine.
  11. need to hold serve as they make the turn today - 3 of the top 5 started on the front, so they will make a move on the back and we along with Arkansas will have to play smart to avoid the big number on the front side.
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  12. Cannot say enough about Maclean's performance. Guy hasn't been in the starting lineup since October. Gets called off the bench in the most important tournament of the year and responds.

    Today he's paired with USC's Justin Suh, multiple event winner and finalist for the college golfer of the year award. Through eight holes, he's stroke for stroke with Suh -- both -2 for the day and -1 for the tournament (T11).
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  13. USC has cut it to 4 shots from Arkansas and 5 from TCU as all three teams start to make the turn. Like you said, just need to play smart golf and make USC more aggressive on the harder front
  14. Not really sure what you are trying to say here? You says Sooners were a lower-seed host, but then say they were the 5 seed?

    I assumed the top 6 seeds get to host so UT was barely a host.
  15. OU was the 5 seed in its women's regional (ranked approx. 18th nationally). UT was the 1 seed in its regional (ranked 6th nationally).

    Because no golf course is reserved purely for college golf use, hosting bids are made well in advance and awarded by the NCAA on the basis of bid quality (cost, logistics, etc.) without regard to the ranking of the host team. However, unlike basketball, if a host team makes the field, it gets assigned to its own regional. It is an incentive to get teams to submit bids to host.

    Currently, Stanford, UT and Georgia are host teams that are leading their respective regionals. Louisville is in fifth place in the regional it's hosting as a 5-seed (ranked 21st nationally); West Virginia and Iowa State are trying to chase them down on the last few holes. Host schools Washington State and Coastal Carolina did not make the field, rendering the Pullman and Myrtle Beach regionals as neutral sites.

    If I'm Iowa State and WVU and miss qualifying by 1-2 shots to Louisville on its home course, I wouldn't be happy about it. It'd be easier to take if Louisville were a top-5 team and had "earned" hosting privileges that way.
  16. I’m just speculating here, but I would guess that the host courses are set up long before the seedings are known. To find a nice golf course and expect to have it exclusively for three or four consecutive days with only a few weeks notice is a pretty tall order.

    Top seeds don’t host like baseball. For example, #1 Okie State is playing in Kentucky. #2 ASU is playing at Stanford’s golf course. Stanford is ranked #12.
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  17. Arkansas and USC are now tied at 7 over for 5th. TCU is 9 shots ahead of them and in 3rd
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  18. Stefano Mazzoli picked a great day to go low. He knows how to hit the gas when he's in the mix for medalist. He's now -6 for the day, -8 for the tournament, but still trails UT's Steven Chernovy (by 2) and Cole Hammer (by 1).

    Speaking of hosting, keep an eye on Arkansas trying to hold off USC. Arky is the host for nationals in two weeks and the chairman of Tyson has made admission and parking free to the public. If the Hogs qualify, it'll be a pig-sooey-fest in Fayetteville. USC is now within a shot of Arky for the last qualifying spot.
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