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GoFrogs: Baseball travels to Rice tonight

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. It’s probably about time Mr. Donati makes his first tough move and implements some serious changes around the baseball program.
  2. I’ll eat my hat if we finish .500 this year
  3. Too many new faces that need this year to gain experience.
  4. I hope this is facetious. I don’t think you just plug in 2/3 of the team with new faces and expect to be the 27 Yankees.
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  5. Meanwhile, UT loses their 4th straight....
  6. Still optimistic that this is a combination of Schloss's early season tinkering and an inexperienced team.

    Let's take it on the chin now and taper for May ball
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  7. Yeah, .500 still seems like a silly comment, but I'd be shocked if we're not down a bit this year. Just too many new faces, IMO. Schloss/Sarloos will get it as right as it can be, but I think our offense will be what holds us hack. We don't have a true speed guy or two, and outside of Luke's bat we don't have anyone that puts year in opposing Pitchers. Josh may when he's hot, and Balta shows promise, but we don't have a Skoug-type. Hopefully our pitching gets it together and wins us a good chunk of games, which they should.
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  8. I'll eat my hat regardless of record....

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  9. I see what you did there
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    Getting no-hit through 7 was rough. Can't tell how many no swing strike-outs we had. I am chalking it up to being on the end of a long road trip. These guys haven't been home in almost a week.

    On a bright note, I thought Green pitched really well last night. And it was nice to see Durbin get some work. When was the last time he pitched?
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  11. You need to pay closer attention to UT.
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  12. Sorry - I don’t see that being acceptable

    Not saying it won’t happen and it’s still early so we could get a lot better

    but the idea that we have been good for years so being mediocre this year is ok isn’t really “ok”

    Not with the level of resources we have going into the program

    I think the real question is if Schloss’ approach of going thin on defensive players - we only 13/14 if I recall - is going to cost us because of some potential misses
  13. What’s costing us is losing two really good freshman position players to the draft that he thought would get to TCU.
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  14. team looked very flat last night.

    smith just lost if after the error by boulware. the ball looked like it took a bad hop while he was trying to charge it and then smith just unraveled.

    i don't even know the basic rules of capitalization and punctuation so i don't know if smith is the best weekday option, but he looks like he really needed those outings that got lost with the two early week rain outs.

    outside of luken and balta don't recall many quality at bats. saw some fly balls early in the count, saw some passive swings, and saw a lineup that wanted to disagree with the home plate umpire at the end of the game on pitches he had been calling strikes throughout the ball game.

    we were walking to our car outside the stadium down the left field foul line and schloss was tearing into a group of players on a set of bleachers near the outfield wall. couldn't tell who the group was, didn't think it would be appropriate to stay and listen, but it was clear he was not happy where this group is at this time and he was not going to wait until they got back to ft worth.
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  15. Ah, just as I said before the season began: the chicken littles come to roost after a loss or two.
    So typical, so predictable, so sad.

    We could go to 4 straight CWS in a row and the chicken littles would still come out and cluck after a loss the next season.

    Oh, wait...
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  16. I get that but the reason we didn’t have any existing infielders on the team to replace those that left last year was because we have always run thin on field position players in order to have a deep bullpen

    Thus why we needed so many freshman or transfers this year to fill the holes - then with the two guys going to the draft that we thought we could hold on to - it is biting us right now

    Obviously Jim’s approach has worked great - just paying the price right now with both the approach for the last 5 years and the draft hitting us at the same time
  17. Muck. Stick to writing your horseboat opinions in a paper nobody reads anymore....
  18. Punter coming in hot. Apparently decided to go for it instead of punting this time.
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  19. what an unhinged diatribe. Take your meds punter.
  20. Oh, and it appears that Muck has taken residence in your head. Get over him. He’s not worth it.

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