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Give Sonny credit

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Limey Frog, Oct 5, 2019.

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    We BTHO Kansas. Really great game plan last week.

    Seriously though, I'll give him credit for this: he's not responsible for our garbage defense.
  2. Fire everyone
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  3. Do you really think that defense doesn’t play off of the offense, and vice versa?

    Yes, D has been bad, but how many times can they been expected to bail out the O game after game, year after year?
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  4. You mean when we put two great drives together, make it a ball game, and they run it right down our throat for a 6 play TD drive?

    Our glorified defensive coordinator needs to look in the mirror.
  5. Ever hear of defensive battles? If you have good depth and a good game plan, time on the field shouldn't matter.
  6. “Two” great drives? Really? That’s what we’re hanging our hat on now?
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  7. There's absolutely no way you can put that defensive performance on the offense. We've now played 2 decent teams and seen our defense shredded by both.

    This defense was flat out bad today against a pretty mediocre (and that's probably being kind) offense.
  8. Well we sure made their young QB look like a Heismann candidate, so there's that!
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  9. if you can't see that this team is/was bad on both sides of the ball and this loss belongs to the program and just not the offense i don't know what to say other than i hope you get help with the myopia.

    the offense has problems, but so does the defense and i have bigger concerns about the defense because help isn't coming any time soon at defensive end and worse while there is always the potential for staff changes on the offensive side the defensive side won't change as long as gary is running this program
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  10. Not being myopic or naive enough the think defense doesn’t have problems, just pointing to a bigger picture problem.

    “Help” has supposedly been coming for frickin years (on offense), I think they’re worn down from constantly having to bail them out.

    Also not saying that it doesn’t rest at GP’s, feet, as he’s ultimately responsible for the situation we’re in... sad all around.
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  11. I completely disagree and think you're the one who's myopic. We weren't just bad on offense and defense. We were also bad on special teams and we got out-coached for the second time in five games.
  12. Cumbie is worse than our crappy defense.

    He starts the game with our DE at RB and pro level RB on the bench.

    In the second series we bring in our pro RB and pass three times.

    He learned nothing against SMU, and has shingle handedly killed our fan support the past two years.

    If you told me UT payed him 1.5 million to do a crappy job for us, I would say that the world makes sense again.
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  13. wait, i say we were bad on both sides of the ball and that is myopic, is this some sort of attempt at sarcasm
  14. bail who out because once again as they did against smu the defense got exposed from the start.
  15. I’m not going to debate this ad nauseam, but when it takes three quarters to score a single damn touchdown, it wears down the team.
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  16. i agree that the bad offensive start put the team in a tough situation.

    there was a time in this program when defenses found ways to get offenses on tract with forcing turnovers similar to what iowa state did to basically turn the game.

    the offense is bad, but so is the defense
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  17. They're both bad right now. At least on defense, we have a coach with a history of success. On offense, we have a coach with a history of something between mediocrity and failure. If I was going to bet on one of them getting fixed by the coaches currently on the team, I'd bet on the defense.
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  18. If they're so mentally weak that they fall apart at any sign of struggles by the offense then that's their problem.

    The bottom line is that the defense has played 8 quarters this season against just competent (not great) offenses and has given up 83 points. Yes a few of those points have been setup by turnovers but even still there's just no excusing that.
  19. Simple.

    It starts at the top. Jesus, it doesn’t take a genius to figure this out.
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