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Gary Patterson has lost his damned mind

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by The Artist Formerly Known as PhormerPhrog, Dec 5, 2020.

  1. That squib was the final straw. Should have taken some girl from the soccer team to kick that. I'm done. Thanks GP. Appreciate all you've done. Enjoy your next chapter.
  2. Yeah. That was inexcusable.
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  3. Big Game hunting guide?

    Underwater World Explorer? Perhaps if we issued him a touque and a 9mm...
  4. I'm glad someone read this thread at halftime
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  5. I think many of us on here are glad this thread didn’t age well.
  6. Come back Gary
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  7. Winning the game doesnt make that decision any better (but I'm damn glad we won).
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  8. Negative people are so entertaining! Are they ever happy?
  9. No, they love being negative. Born that way I believe.
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  10. Really a downer way to garner attention! I thought TCU did real well today.
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  11. The KO after last TD yielded a 40yd return from the 1 yard line. So, what’s the difference?
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  12. Gary made/allowed some awful decisions today. Us winning doesn't change that.
  13. We managed the end of the first half pretty awfully.
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  14. I hate loving that I'm negative.
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  15. This just in, that team we beat today was ranked #15
  16. We all could nitpick certain things for sure. I'll take the Win anyway we got it today. A "bad" win is always better than a "good" loss, especially this year!
  17. I think that tells you a lot about who they trully are. We had no business winning that game.
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  18. What’s our rank?
  19. Well, at halftime we were pretty rank...

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